Stamping using Moscow and Excalibur (PP & A-England)

Hey everyone!

My mojo left me again, thats why there hasn't been any nail posts recently! Managed to get it back a little bit by doing some stamping. 

I've been trying to work out which of my polishes work well with stamping and which ones don't! I found a silver metallic polish that works quite well, well enough for me anyway haha, if you hadn't guessed, that polish is Excalibur by A-England. 

I painted my nails with Moscow by Picture Polish then stamped over it using Excalibur and one of my plates from the Born Pretty Store, you can purchase the same plate here AND its currently half price at $3.00 (literally £1.75 or something...) 

As you can see Excalibur stamps fairly well but its not perfect! I've let my nails go a little bit recently, especially my cuticles but i'm back to taking care of them now so they should look a bit better soon!

I know this is short but I hope you've enjoyed it!

Jemma xox

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