Roasted veg, chicken wrapped in Bacon

Hey guys! 

So today's post is a little bit different, if you hadn't guessed already it's food related! I've recently rediscovered sweet potato, I tried it ages ago as chips and didn't like it at all. Then something made me buy one the other day and I roasted some and made mash with the other half and really liked it. So I bought another one this week... Along with a Butternut Squash which I've never tried before! So tonight I decided to do Roasted Veg with Chicken wrapped in Bacon with a Garlic and Herb sauce. 

What you need:

For the Roasted Veg (as much as you think you need!) 
Butternut squash 
Sweet potato

Chicken Breasts for however many people you're cooking for 
As much Bacon as you need to wrap around the Chicken

As much French Roule as you'd like (or a Garlic and Herb cheese, Boursin or an own brand one works just as well!) 
5 tbsp Soured Cream
1/2 Milk
2 tbsp Cornflour + a little water to mix it with 

Starting with the Roasted Veg...

I put all the Veg in a roasting pan with about 2-3 tablespoons of Olive oil giving it all a good mix. Cook at 200 for about 20-30 minutes. 

For the Chicken Breasts, I sliced them in half and put Philadelphia on one side, smooshed both sides of the chicken together and wrapped it in bacon then put it onto cook at about 180 for 30 minutes (after 20 minutes (or when the bacon is crispy) put foil over the top. 

For the sauce I put the Galicy Cheese into a pan and added the Soured Cream, then the Garlic Powder and some Parsley. When the cheese has melted add the Milk, after a few minutes take a ladle of the sauce out and put it into a separate bowl. Mix together the cornflour and the water and then add it into the sauce that you put into the separate bowl, put that back into the pan and heat it through again, you'll see the sauce start to thicken, turn off the heat when this starts to happen! 

I bought some frozen spinach and defrosted it right before I served up the Roasted Veg and mixed it in with it all. 

Pop it all on the plate and you're ready to eat! ☺️ 
I put Pink Himalayan salt onto my Roasted Veg and it was amazing! 

Let me know below if you try this out ☺️
Jemma xox 

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