Reverse Stamping using the UberMat

Hey lovelies!

Can't believe its Friday again and we're now in Autumn, um where did Summer go?! It went way too quickly! I do love Autumn though so it can come at me now, Pumpkin Spice Latte please ;) I'm looking forward to doing some Autumnal Nail Art as well!

Last Friday I ordered an UberMat from UberChic Beauty ($14.99 + postage which is a flat rate of $10 to the UK) it arrived on Wednesday all the way from the states... Yes, it took just 5 days to get here!! Absolutely amazing. And so is the Mat. Its literally opened up a whole new world of Nail Art for me. I now have a tonne more uses for my Stamping Plates as well so I decided to try out Reverse Stamping.

I'm so pleased with how my first attempt turned out! The only bit which was a bit tricky was actually placing the 'decal' on my nail. I used Seche Vite to make it with and the whole thing kept curling up when I was trying to press it onto my Nail, but I got there with the help of Tweezers and my Fingers, I just need a bit more practice as i ended up with a few air bubbles and creases but you can hardly see them. 

For anyone who doesn't know, Reverse Stamping is literally picking up the image with your Stamper and leaving it there then colouring different parts of it in with paint to add colour, adding top coat on top of the whole thing and then leaving it to dry. When its dry you peel it off and place it on a just Top Coated Nail. 
With the UberMat you paint the top coat onto the Mat first instead and then Stamp over it, thats the way i've been doing it anyway! The UberMat is fab because is allows you to do 10 or more, lets call them decals (because thats what they basically turn into!) at a time just depends if you want to use the printed nail as a guide. 

The plate I used is from the Born Pretty Store and is currently $2.99 you can purchase it here. Its one of my favourite plates, lots of florals and patterns perfect for Reverse Stamping. The Black I used to Stamp with is Pitch Black by MUA. To colour in the design I just used a bright blue Acrylic Paint. The Lilac i used is a Hypergel by Models Own and its called Lilac Sheen.

I love how these turned out and I can't wait to do more designs, the possibilities really are endless now.

Jemma xox

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