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Hey guys!

Today I want to talk about the polishes I received last week from Starrily. I preordered Orions Belt in July and purchased two others alongside it (Damsel and Ultima). I wasn't really expecting to wait 3 months for it to turn up however... a month after I ordered I was getting a little concerned as the status of my order was still 'Paid' so I messaged their Facebook page and was told that the glitter had only just arrived as they had to have it made etc, they even gave me a $25 gift code for waiting, which was extremely generous of them, and thats the last i heard, no dispatch email, nothing.. So i decided to do a little fishing. Their Facebook page had gone very quiet which made me a bit more concerned... So i went onto Instagram and had a look through the Starrily hashtag and discovered the Owners Instagram and then discovered that she had just bought a warehouse to make all the polish in so I let them off as they were in the middle of getting it ready to move into hahaha. I just wish the status on my order had changed from Paid to Dispatched!

But in all honesty, the 3 month wait was SO WORTH IT! I painted my nails with Orions Belt first and it was absolutely beautiful. After a few days I added a coat of Damsel to give it a bit of a whooooomph (which it really didn't need, I just needed to do it.) And here is the outcome below... Unfortunately the Sun was nowhere to be seen but I took pictures in two different light settings. 

Under my Naturalight w/Flash

Just with Flash
On the nail the Glitter is VERY smooth, even without topcoat. We've all experienced the 'scratchy' glitter at one point but this felt more like the OPI Liquid Sands! But I still used Seche Vite to topcoat my nails and it felt super smooth afterwards. My manicure lasted about 4 days before tip wear started to appear, but that can be easily solved by just filing your nails down a tad! Its definitely a polish I would consider wearing if I was going away with no time to paint my nails for a few days!

As for removal, I used the foil method, which I try not to do too much as I sometimes get Eczema on my hands and I don't really want to set that off! But for Glitter like this, its something I had to do.. Otherwise I think I may have gone a little insane trying to get it all off haha. It didn't really take me long though and if there was some Glitter remaining on my nail after i'd pulled off the foil, it was easy to scratch off gently, it was like the Acetone had removed the Suspension Base and left the Glitter just sat on my Nail. 

I would highly recommend getting these if you want some SUPER sparkly polish! I can't wait to use Ultima, and maybe some Sharpies alongside it... Starrily is currently closed as of 27/09/15 as they've had a large increase in Orders, otherwise I would have added the links to each polish I got! 

I'll be back in a few days with some Stamping! 
Stay safe lovelies.
Jemma xox

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