Improved Orange and Red Aztec Nails

Hey guys!

Ah its been so long... I was meant to post these a while back too! Anyway.. if you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen the picture below before as i posted it just a few weeks ago after finding it again.. I did them about 3 years ago and i actually used acrylics for the gradient.. *hangs head with shame* I thought they were amazing at the time and was really proud of the pattern i did on top of it... 

But its amazing how much difference practice can make...

Ta daaaa! This time around I used Nail polishes for the gradient on a good old sponge! Shades used were she's pampered and Fear & Desire both by Essie.
I used Black acrylic for the pattern along with my Pure Color 10 brush.

Much. Better.

So I guess this is where I say, if you're a newbie at nail art, keep going, keep practising, you will improve!! I mean the nails i do now are no where near perfect but even I can see I've definitely improved :')

Anyway, i hope you like them as much as i did at the time! Pretty sure i wore these for a good week hahaha

Hope you all have a good Friday!

Jemma xox

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