Reverse Stamping - Aztec Style!

Hey guys!

I've literally been obsessed with my UberMat the last few days, its just amazing! I had another go at Reverse Stamping, overall i'm happy with how they turned out but they could have been A LOT better!!

I used an Aztec themed Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate, you can grab it here for $5.99. I used MUA Pitch Black - the same as last time! The white is Whitewash also by MUA. I also used Acrylic Paints again. The studs were also from the Born Pretty Store. 

I'd planned on doing all 10 nails with the Aztec Pattern but when i placed the first 'decal' on my middle finger it was wonky so i decided to take it off and then i got tired so i left my forefinger and middle finger white and decided to add the studs and i'm actually glad I did that as I love these! I'm thinking now that all 10 may have just been waaaaay too much!

I don't know about you, but i've been really cold recently, so don't be surprised if all my manis start getting darker and more Autumnal haha, anyway thats all for today. I hope you like these! Let me know below if you do :)

Jemma xox

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