Magical Pastel Gradient Nails

Hey guys!

Back sooner than i thought i would be haha, this isn't the recreation i mentioned yesterday but i love these nails SO MUCH i had to share them ASAP! How magical do they look?!

Taken in doors with flash and a naturalight.
Taken outside in the sunshine (yes, i managed to find some!!)
Ugh i LOVE THEM. I'm surprised i managed to come up with something so amazing hahaha.

Now onto the details, for the gradient I used 3 polishes. The Pink is Kiss Me by Claires, the purple is Lilac Sheen Hypergel by Models Own, and the Blue shade is The tide is high by Nails Inc (Came with InStyle magazine earlier this year) 

The studs are my favourite (Seriously, i use these the most i think!) they're the Holographic circle studs from She sells sea shells, you can purchase them here for £1.50 and you get 100 studs.

The polish i used on my Thumb, Forefinger and Pinkie is Come Out Your Shell by OPI. I love how it looks under different lights, it was a bit of a bitch to apply though! There was a lot of base and not enough shards. I ended up painting it on to a sponge and then dabbing it onto my nails. 

I top coated with Seche Vite and it decided to shrink on my ring finger pulling Kiss Me with it :(

Anyway thats all for today! Hope you're all having a good week

Jemma xox


First entry for Models Own 1234 Thumbwars Comp!

Yo guyssss,

My goshhhhh its been a while! I've still been doing my nails I just haven't been in the mood for blogging. But here I am, I'm back.

So Models Own have recently launched a Nail Art Competition and i'm loving it! The picture below is the inspiration:


Its such an interesting picture and i've seen lots of creative designs come from it! Here is my own one:

I'm not really happy with how these came out in the photos - major shrinkage going on with the topcoat! :( And you can't even see the daisies haha.

I used a Dark Blue by Nail Rock - i don't know about you but you can see a dark blue reflection on the models forehead so i wanted to incorporate that into the design. The lilac stripes were done freehand with acrylic.

I used the Dark Blue again, along with Fear & Desire by Essie and then painted the daisies down the righthand side.

Middle Finger:
Lilac to Dark Purple Gradient using Models Own Hypergel in Lilac Sheen and Playdate by Essie.

Ring Finger:
Gradient of Dark Blue to Metallic Purple: Dark Blue by Nail Rocks and the Purple is a Metallic one by Models Own with no name! The dribbles of paint are just yellow acrylic and I used my PureColor 10 brush from the Stylish nail art shop.

Little Finger:
Fear & Desire by Essie and black acrylic to represent the top of the Models hair!

I'm planning on entering again though, need to have a good brainstorm first to come up with some original ideas!

The Competition is running on their Instagram page if any of you would like to take part!

Hope you've enjoyed todays post - i'll be back later this week with a recreation of one of my old designs! :)

Jemma xox


Dry brush technique Nails with Hysteria by Dance Legend

Hey everyone!

I hope you've all had a good week, mine started well and then took a bit of a nose dive haha. Anyway I did these nails almost two weeks ago! I really enjoyed doing these and I loved how they turned out, i kept them on for a good 5 days :o then tip wear started appearing so they had to go!

I started by painting my nails with Sugarloaf sunset by Nails Inc which came with InStyle magazine last year. I then took Kiss Me by Claires and used the dry brush technique to create the base for my nail art. The dry brush technique for anyone who doesn't know is basically where you literally wipe nearly allllll the polish off of your brush before randomly stroking it over your nails.

I used washi tape to create the triangle shapes with Hysteria by Dance Legend. I then used my Pure Color 10 and silver Acrylic paint to outline them. To top it all off I used probably my favourite studs of all time.. the holo circle studs from She Sells Sea Shells on my two middle fingers.

Let me know what you think of these below! I'm also sorry about the very uncreative names for my blogposts - i can never think of anything good haha

Thanks for reading :)
Jemma xox


OPI tint flowers and glittaaaar!

Hey everyone :) 

Happy Friday Eve! Today's post involves a bit of faffing around.. I hadn't planned this one out at all, I painted my nails with a dark blue by Nail Rocks (the one that comes in the kit with the flocking powder)  


After that I used white acrylic to paint flowers on my middle nails, after letting them dry I took my OPI mini tints and 'coloured' them in, I like but don't love how they came out, I've seen some much better results! On my forefinger and my pinkie I added my favourite holo glitter Jo is in the house by H&M.

I hope at least someone likes these more than I do haha. I just wanted to add that tomorrow I'm having a discount day for my Puddleducks Pretties store, if you're buying for Christmas already this is the perfect opportunity to grab a hand painted bargain. If you want to know more please head over to http://facebook.com/puddleduckspretties and read the pinned post! :)

Thank you for reading! 
Jemma xox 


Soigné Gradient with Heart stamping

Hey everyone :)

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend! I'm still playing catch up - I wore these nails at the start of last week! 

For the Gradient I used two polishes by Soigné, Fruit de La Passion and Pétale de Rose, available as part of the Macaron Collection, you can buy all 5 shades here for £38. 

I did two coats of Fruit de La Passion first as it was the lightest shade and then sponged on Pétale de Rose. What i've started to do is do the base for nail art on one day and then the actual nail art the following day (or the day after sometimes ha) it just allows for everything to dry completely - i'm a bit impatient, I've started doing stamping over polish waaaay before its completely dried, goes without saying that its a complete fail!

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The Stamping plate I used was the Pro XL - 14 from MoYou London which I can't seem to find on their website anymore! The black I used to Stamp with it MUA Pitch black, for £1 its a bargain! The lovely Seche Vite decided to slightly drag the black Polish as well even though I left it 5 minutes before I top coated :(

Silly me also left a bit of liquid latex on my ring finger, so excuse the orange cuticle haha.

I still have a few more designs to show you before I'm up to date so I'll post again in a couple of days!

Have a great Monday!
Jemma xox