Picture Polish - Grace with Moon Studs

Hey loves,

Ahhhhhh, I seem to have accumulated a fair few Nail pictures over the last few weeks, i just haven't had any enthusiasm to actually write about them! I think its coming back slowly.. hence why i'm sat here typing this out! I hope your week has started well - mine did! Anyway, on to the nails...

Picture polish grace she sells sea shells uk moon studs

I wore these about 2 weeks ago, 
Picture polish grace she sells sea shells uk moon studs
Grace my Picture polish is my all time 
favourite shade/polish EVER. Its my go to if i need a bit of a palette cleanser, or if i'm not sure on what i want to wear. It goes on like an absolute dream, it dries super quickly and its super gorgeous too! Its not full on holo, its subtle, but just enough really.

I didn't want to just wear it alone though so i paired it with some lovely big moon studs from She sells sea shells, you can buy them here if you want your own moons! You get 100 for £1.50 so not a bad price at all. 

I know these studs are a bit on the large side - probably not practical if you work with your hands a lot but they lasted about 2 days on my nails and I'd only used Seche Vite to adhere them to my nails so not bad at all really!

I hope you like these and i'll be back later this week with another post :)

Jemma xox


Big Blue Roses

Hey everyone!

I can't believe its nearly Monday again and i also can't believe that I did these nails 4 days ago and have already taken them off and put something else on... they only lasted 2 days :(

I wanted to paint my nails with something from my old line of polish (Chubby Owl Polish) so i went for Comet Dust which was one of the last polishes i made :( its a beautiful black jelly polish with teeny tiny blue glitters, small dark pink hexes, large purple dot glitters and good old holographic stars! (There could even be some other glitters in there..) I just love the amount of depth there is and how it layers well.

Chubby owl polish, roses, nail art, stylish nail art shop, pure color 10, Blue roses, comet dust

I just received some new nail art brushes from the Stylish Nail Art Shop so i wanted to use them, so I decided to do big blue Roses. I'm always amazed at how Glitterfingers (Instagram!) florals turn out so i decided to push myself and try and not be so neat and perfect with them - i often find my Roses come out looking the same, all even and they don't really look like Roses, but i really think these ones do! I've finally found a technique which really works for me too. 

Chubby owl polish, roses, nail art, stylish nail art shop, pure color 10, Blue roses, comet dust

What I used:
  • 2 shades of Blue Acrylic Paint (One light and one dark. I used a Cornflower type Blue and a light Blue)
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Dark Green
  • Light Green, optional.
  • Pure Color 10

What I did:

I started by painting big Blue splodges onto each Nail with the light Blue, I let them all dry. Then I picked up quite a big blob of White and started swirling it on top of the Blue, while the white was still wet i picked up the darker shade of Blue and swirled that into the White and then did the same with the lighter shade of Blue until it looked Rose like. Sometimes I repeated this process several times until it looked how I wanted it to look.

Chubby owl polish, roses, nail art, stylish nail art shop, pure color 10, Blue roses, comet dustFor the leaves i just painted leaf like shapes coming from different sides of the Roses, I then *attempted* to blend in White on one side of the leaf before the dark Green dried to give it a bit of dimension - not really sure this worked though :') But at least it made them stand out a bit more from the dark background!

I really love these, the bright blue really made the Roses pop. Might have to try these out in different colours! Or do different colours Roses.. maybe rainbow Roses.. ooh that would be pretty...

Hope you've enjoyed todays post! Really hoping to do something with my Bow decals the Born pretty store sent me later this week.. something totally new to me (hopefully..if it all works to plan!)

Have a fab Monday ;)

Jemma xox


Nail Art subconsciously inspired by Spectrum Brushes

Evening everyone :)

Today i'm showing you what's possibly my favourite gradient ever! Last Saturday was our villages Carnival and I wanted something bright and summery on my nails, but not the usual bright summer colours so i went for a bright blue and a dark purple.

I used Hello Kitty - Shop teal you drop and Claires - Lilo for the gradient, its not the best gradient in the world but considering i did it in poor lighting at about 10pm, i think it turned out alright haha and as per usual I left it until I was about to take these off to take photos of them, so please excuse the tip wear!!
      Claires lilo hello kitty shop teal you drop gradient nails spectrum brushes

When I first used the Hello Kitty polish Jess gave me, I wrote about how impressed I was with the brush and the quality of these polishes and nothing has changed! Apart from mine has nearly ran out :( must find a replacement!! The polishes by Claires are really good for gradients, and they're on the cheap side as well, they also do a fab range of different colours - I'm always spoilt for choice when I go in there! Most polishes are just £2.50.

Anyway, after I did these I realised I'd used the same colours as the bristles on my Spectrum Make Up Brush :') subconsciously inspired much... seeing as i use it everyday ha. I was going to do some sort of mermaidy nail art on these babies but after wearing them for 4 days I think I need a change of colours, but thats something I'll probably do in the future!

Claires lilo hello kitty shop teal you drop gradient nails spectrum brushes

Anyway just a short n sweet post for today, if you fancy buying your own fancy make up brush you can do so here, the one i have is perfect for applying powder when setting your make up.

I hope you guys have had a good start to the week too and i'll be back later this week with (hopefully) some detailed nail art using my new Stylish Nail Art Brushes!

Jemma xox


Saran Wrap/cling film nails using ILNP and OPI

Hey lovelies!

Hope you're all enjoying this super warm weather! I ordered a paddling pool on Monday and it arrived today, thank god! 
It's where I've spent most of today and its where the nail pic was taken! 😂

I actually really really love my nails right now! That doesn't happen often 😂 I decided to do the cling film method using ILNP in charmingly purple and OPI in gargantuan green grape (old version) 

It's so simple and easy to do and I love the effect it gives, it also doesn't take long, I usually do my base the day before and then the actual nail art the day after.


I wanted to add some sort of jewely thing to my nails so I had a look through my nail art drawer and found some heart studs I bought from she sells sea shells a few months back, I think the gold and the purple holo work really well together. I top coated my nails with HK girl.

I hope you like them as much as I do.
That's all for now, time to do a bbq! 

Jemma xox