Born pretty store stamping plate (BP-66) review

Evening lovelies! 

I can't believe how quick this week has gone! It's nearly Friday 🎉

Last weekend I bought some new polishes from Claires including Kiss Me, a baby pink that's very similar to Mod about you by OPI. I had been looking for a new baby pink since my Mod about you dried up and thought that Kiss Me was perfect. 

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I found Mod about you to be quite thick, it did mean less coats of polish but when it got down to 1/4 of a bottle it just got too thick and then dried up.

I prefer this polish to Mod about you. To get Kiss Me opaque I had to do 3 coats, I must admit though it still looked a bit streaky, but it was so much better to work with as it wasn't thick. I'm happy with it though, partly because I knew I was going to stamp over it and the streakiness wouldn't be so obvious 😂

I was sent the stamping plate by the born pretty store to review, so I used that with my stamper, also from the born pretty store along with MUA pitch black to create the design below as I've used the two before and know they work well together.

Born Pretty Store, stamping, Black stamper, orly, miss conduct, claires, kiss me,

I found that the image didn't pick up too well off the plate. Like I said I've used the stamper and the MUA Pitch black together before, I think the whole not picking up well is down to the plate this time. I mean, the images didn't turn out terrible but they could be a lot better. I couldn't leave it the way it was so decided to fill any spaces where the design should be in with black acrylic paint.

Born Pretty Store, stamping, Black stamper, orly, miss conduct, claires, kiss me,

Much better right? I used my pure Color 10 brush from the stylish nail art shop. If you like the look of this plate I definitely think you should go ahead and get it, for the price it's not a bad plate at all. You can purchase it here for just $2.99. However personally I probably wouldn't purchase this plate as for me, I only liked one of the designs out of all 4, the designs aren't similar and don't really fit together in any way either, its quite a random plate really!

If you make a purchase from the Born Pretty Store be sure to use my code JMX31 to get 10% off your order!

(Accent nail is Orly - Miss Conduct
Top coat used is HK girl)

That's all for today! I have one more item to review from the born pretty store, I've left it till last because I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with it! But I'm sure I'll come up with something soon.

Jemma xox


Ruby Wing - Sweet Rose

Hey everyone! 

I've lost my nail mojo again :( if anyone finds it please return it to me! Hahaha 

I've been wearing my new Ruby Wing polish in Sweet Rose for about 4/5 days now and I'm definitely in a love hate relationship with it! 

First of all I didn't expect it to be pale pink indoors and hot pink outside, (to be honest, I did only look at the small thumbnail of it..oops) but it is. On Amazon and on the tag around the neck it shows a light purpley pink colour and a dark purple colour. It cost me £10 so mehhhh to that! If you want to purchase it, you can here.

Sweet rose, Ruby wing, UV polish, Photochromic polish

I had to do 4 coats to get it opaque and even then there were still some streaks :( then I noticed in the sunlight the whole nail wasn't changing colour (as you can see above!) I much prefer (and really love) the outside colour to the inside. 

23/06/15 So this blogpost has been sat in my drafts for probably 2 weeks now! I was planning on doing nail art on these but didn't in the end! (I did say i'd lost my mojo haha!) So i'm just going to post this because at least it tells you my thoughts on the polish used! You know whats crazy? I took this off and then REPAINTED MY NAILS WITH IT. And i still disliked it...

Anyway, hope you've enjoyed reading this teeny post!

Jemma xox


Black Stamper and Stamping plate (19340) reviews - Born Pretty Store Reviews

Hey everyone! 

Finally writing from my brand spanking new MacBook! Its so nice to finally have one back :)

Last week I received some items to review from the Born Pretty Store. I got the black stamper, 2 stamping plates and some Bow Water Decals. Today i'm (obviously) reviewing the black stamper and one of the stamping plates! 

stamping, born pretty store, triangles, gradient nails, 2true, nail polish, nail art

The stamping plate to the left is the one I used. First of all i love that it has 2 different designs on one plate and i also love the fact that each design is big enough to use even if you have long nails like me, you can get a few different designs from this plate too, because the flowers go from big to little you can easily pick up half way between them so you could stamp bigger flowers at the top of your nail and smaller flowers at the bottom all in one go. I decided to use the triangles as i've literally wanted this plate for ages because of them! You can purchase this plate here for $1.99.stamping, born pretty store, triangles, gradient nails, 2true, nail polish, nail art

I used Pitch Black by MUA to stamp with as I find it works best with my Konad Stamper and was hoping it would work the same with the Black Stamper. And it did! At first I found the Black Stamper wasn't picking up the image very easily so i took a nail file and gently ran it over the stamper, after I did that the image transferred to the stamper a lot more easily. I didn't like the scraper that came with it at all so used my old trusty credit card instead; i just found the scraper didn't scrape the polish off as well as it should and it felt a bit scratchy at times!

stamping, born pretty store, triangles, gradient nails, 2true, nail polish, nail artThere were two things i didn't like about the actual stamper, firstly that EVERYTHING tiny and annoying seemed to stick to it; fibres from cotton pads, dog hairs, my own damn hair, general lint, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. The second thing was that the actual stamper piece, so the rubbery bit, kept falling out every time i cleaned it off. Definitely need to glue it into place!! What i did love about the stamper was how squishy it is! I found stamping with my Konad stamper always hurt my nail beds because it was so hard and I really had to push and roll it over my nail to get the complete image to transfer properly often holding/pushing the bottom half of my nail up towards the stamper as I rolled it over. My nail beds didn't hurt when using the Black Stamper. Hooray! I'll definitely be using the Black Stamper in the future, its definitely worth purchasing, especially if you have longer nails, even if you do have to make some improvements - they're only minor after all! And for just $3.84 its a steal. You can also get 10% off with the code JMMX31 :)

stamping, born pretty store, triangles, gradient nails, 2true, nail polish, nail art

Onto the actual mani.. For the Gradient i used 2true shades in 23 and 32. I absolutely adore this design. I really have a thing for triangles so this probably won't be the last time you see this plate used! The little gold triangles just completes it all really nicely, they're also from the Born Pretty Store, you can find them here.

Going back to the stamping, my triangles were not perfect at first, some of them had a little bit missing so i just took some acrylic paint and my Pure Color 10 brush from the Stylish nail art shop and filled them in which i actually enjoyed doing.

I hope you like these as much as i dooooo! I've been wearing them for almost a week and didn't even realise it!! :o

I'll be back towards the end of the week with my review on the Bow Water Decals, enjoy the rest of your week and thank you for reading!

Jemma xox