Revlon colorstay - Lady Luck + stamping.

Hey everyone :)

revlon, colorstay, lady luck, nail polish, nail varnish, review, swatch, moyou, stamping, First of all Bank holidays always put me out! I always think the Tuesday is a Monday, anyone else with me?! Secondly, I've caught the stamping bug. And I'm not unhappy about that at all! Before I get into the stamping part I want to tell you about the base for the stamping. It's from the Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy 'Long lasting' range and it's called Lady Luck 110. There is a topcoat in this range but I didn't get it as I love my Seche Vite too much and that's what I used to top coat my nails. I put Lady Luck on last week, after 3-4 days I started to get tip wear, then on day 7 I got a chip. To me that's not really long lasting as such, I was expecting it to last over 10 days. After 7 though, I'll be honest, my nails had grown so much I had to get it off. (Below you can see the amount they grew! Pictures were taken on day 6) I noticed the consistency of this polish is a bit thicker than your regular polish, but it was just as easy as easy to apply. It also has a nice long brush which makes it easy to keep everything neat.
This polish is more true to colour in the last two pictures, I added the first picture to show you the shimmer! You can only see the shimmer in direct sunlight unfortunately. I love the colour, however, I did not expect it to be as bright as it was. In the bottle it looks like a very shimmery coral colour, but as soon as it's on your nails it becomes quite neon, it actually reminded me a bit of flip flop fantasy by China Glaze it was that bright! What's funny about it is that when it got darker in the evening my nails would become more neon, in lighter spaces it was less neon and more coral rather than orange. To be honest, it's perfect for summery toes really as it makes your feet look more tanned than what they are! Moving on to the stamping...

revlon, colorstay, lady luck, nail polish, nail varnish, review, swatch, moyou, stamping,

revlon, colorstay, lady luck, nail polish, nail varnish, review, swatch, moyou, stamping, I loved using the MUA pitch black for stamping last time so decided to use it again, it just picks up all the little details really well. This time I used liquid 'paliside' around my nails that I purchased from the born pretty store, it works pretty well but I think there is better out there in terms of removing it, this one dries into a really thin layer and, depending on how you apply it, mainly comes off in small pieces. But it does what I need it to do, for now haha. I don't think it works too well when a lot of polish gets on it. I did try it with a gradient and as the latex got really wet and thick with polish it was hard to peel off, I found that letting the polish dry completely worked better than peeling it off when it was wet. Still got into a huge mess though! >.< 

The plate I used for stamping was the Pro XL 10 plate from MoYou London, it's my favourite at the moment, can you tell? Hahaha. 

I hope you like these nails, i think they're really summery and I enjoyed wearing them. I definitely think the Revlon Colorstay range would be good to invest in if you did the 2 for £10 deal (if its still on!) They're £6.99 each othewise, which to me is a bit pricey. I'd rather spend £10 on one bottle of Picture Polish, which actually lasts a lot longer on your nails with no chips or tip wear..


Holo with floral stamping 🌹

Hey everyone!

Just a short post for today. I wanted to share these nails with you as it's about time haha, I did these probably 6 weeks ago! 

Color Club, Fashion Addict, Angelica, Sugar and spice, She sells sea shells, studs, nails

I used:
Angelica - Sugar and spice (middle two)
Color club - fashion addict (forefinger, thumb and pinkie)
Studs from she sells sea shells
Black stamping polish from the born pretty store (#4849)
Konad stamper and an old credit card to scrape
Pro XL 10 Plate by MoYou London

Color Club, Fashion Addict, Angelica, Sugar and spice, She sells sea shells, studs, nailsI'd been wearing Sugar and spice on all my nails and fancied jazzing it up so I replaced it with fashion addict on my forefinger, thumb and pinkie. I also wanted to do some stamping at the time as I'd just received the stamping polishes and wanted to see how well they worked so that's why I added the roses, I also think it, along with the studs, brings it all together nicely!
I hope you're enjoying the bank holiday weekend and making the most of it! I'm off to do my nails as I haven't touched them in a week D: 

As always, thank you for reading!
Jemma xox 


Watermarble with primark polishes!

Hey everyone!

Today I'm sharing with you my second or third, Yep I can't remember.. Watermarble attempt. 

Forget me not, sugar and spice, Angelica, Primark polishes, watermarbleWatermarble is something I've always wanted to be good at, however I hate it going wrong and wasting polish, I think that's why I've shied away from it in the past. 

I bought two polishes from primark (the Angelica ones!) which were on sale at £1 each (original price £2.50) the consistency looked like the type used for watermarbling - a bit on the thick side but not so thick that it's gloopy. I thought I'd try putting some blobs in some room temperature water and they both dispersed well. That's when I decided to give watermarking ago again, it's not like the polish cost me a fortune!

Forget me not, sugar and spice, Angelica, Primark polishes, watermarble
I painted my nails first with the purple shade which is called sugar and spice. 

Then I placed alternative drops of sugar and spice and forget me not into room temperature water. Made the design with a cocktail stick and dipped ma finger in. The pictures that I managed to get aren't all that great to be honest, they looked much better in real life.. But here you go!

Forget me not, sugar and spice, Angelica, Primark polishes, watermarble

Forget me not, sugar and spice, Angelica, Primark polishes, watermarbleFor my second/third attempt I think these turned out pretty well! Clean up was a bit of a pain, I used liquid latex but didn't let it dry enough -facepalm- so I did end up with latex and polish all over my hands. I never did these to keep them on though; I was always planning to take it off afterwards so it wasn't the end of the world! My thumb nail was my favourite! It's pretty much perfect (to me anyway..) 
These Angelica polishes are definitely worth investing in; when I had just sugar and spice on my nails for a few days prior to doing this mani I did get quite a bit of tip wear so they aren't exactly long lasting but for watermarble practice they're worth getting! 

Thank you for reading :p
Jemma xox



Stamping with MUA Pitch black and Lottie london

Hey loves! 

Hope you're all keeping well, I've lost my nail mojo a bit at the moment (again..) but today I finally managed to do some stamping! I've seen a few people on Instagram using Pitch by MUA cosmetics to stamp with, I finally managed to get my hands on one last week. I was planning on testing it out last weekend but it just wasn't happening. But finally, tonight, I did it. And I am beyond pleased with the results!! 

First up, here's the Lottie London I used as my base all on its own. 

I bought this at a reduced price (£2.00, usually £5.99) as the lid had come off of the brush piece, I'm not sure of its name or anything as it wasn't on the bottle. I can safely say that after wearing it for 5 days it doesn't stain! Yay! 

So now onto the stamping! I cannot believe how good this came out!! For a polish that only cost £1, it stamps unbelievably well. 

I decided to use a detailed pattern to really see how well this polish stamps and it literally picked up every part of the design as well as being a really opaque black.

So there you go, now you know! 

It's amazing and you need to go out and get it! 

Thank you for reading!
Jemma xox 


Aztec & Floral studed nails

Hey everyone!

Hope you're all doing well and enjoying the weekend! My last blog post was a complete failure! I typed it all out on my phone (my Macbook is currently being repaired) and thennnn the app decided to freeze and I lost everything! 

So first of all, i'll show you what I was going to blog about before! Here are my Aztec nails. My mum went to France a few weeks ago and kindly bought me back 3 polishes, they're by Miss europe cosmetics and their names are Violet Lolita, Rose Baby Doll and Fuchsia Pin up. I used Rose Baby Doll as the base for these nails, its a beautiful peach Crelly polish. Took me 4 coats to get it to a good opaqueness but it was worth it! I'd been wearing it for about 3 days before i decided to add some nail art, i wanted to just do something simple but eye catching so thought an Aztec pattern was the way forward. I used Black acrylic paint with my Pure Color 10 from the stylish nail art shop to create the pattern, along with a steady hand haha

Next up are my current nails! I was inspired by @Followthatway on Instagram. I absolutely love floral patterns so i thought it was about time i did something different to my usual roses. 

I started by painting my nails with Blue Moon by Barry M and Mod about you - OPI topped with Bourjois in Rosé Merveille (my Mod about you has just about ran out!!) alternating the colours as I went. On my two middle fingers and my thumb, i then started placing out my roses with pink splodges, adding red lines and white lines inside them. After that i worked on the leaves going from dark green to a pale lime green using tiny brush strokes. To add the finishing touches placed Silver square studs on my pinky and forefinger and coated each nail with Seche Vite :)

I'm so pleased with how these turned out. You never really see what you've painted properly until you've done topcoat, topcoat really brings it all together!

Thats all for now m'dears! Hoping to have my Macbook back soon so i can Blog a bit easier (currently using my mums laptop to avoid losing my entire post again ha!)

Jemma xox