Outlined zig zag nails

Hey everyone :) 

My post for the freehand nail art challenge will be up later this week! (This week is unusually busy for me but I will get there!) so for now I'm going to show you some nails I did a few weeks ago.

I used:

Barry m - blue moon
Angelica (from primark) - forget me not. 
Nail vinyls from She sells sea shells.
Black acrylic paint.
Pure Color 10 - Stylish nail art shop.

I painted my nails with Barry m - blue moon the day before I did these. (If I don't I just mess up the mani by placing the vinyls on before the base is dry ha) The following day I used tweezers to place the vinyls on and then painted forget me not over the top. 

After that I had my crazy idea of outlining the zig zags, bad. Idea. 

Anyway I don't like these much but I hope someone out there does!! 

Thank you for reading and I'll be back later this week :)
Jemma xox


Freehand Nail Art Challenge - 13th April: Animal Print

Hey m'dears!

For this weeks Freehand Nail Art challenge the theme is Animal Print. Now, when i think of animal print, the first print that springs to mind is Leopard print, then Zebra print, so i thought why not do both?!

So that's what i did.

I used:

2true - Shade 28
Models Own - Peach Melba
Black Acrylic Paint
Seche Vite topcoat
Pure Color 10 - Stylish Nail Art Shop

I started off by painting my nails with the 2true polish, when i purchased this polish i actually thought it was white, but it isn't ha. Its more ivory/cream but i'm actually glad about that as i'm not a huuuuge fan of super bright white nails even if its part of a design. I was surprised at how opaque the first coat was to be honest, i only needed 2 coats and normally I have to do 3 coats on my nails if i'm using a light colour.

Obviously then i did the gradient using a good old wet make up sponge, painting Shade 28 and Peach Melba onto it so they were slightly overlapping then dabbing it on my nail whilst slightly moving it up and down with each dab to blend the colours; because they aren't dark colours and I was going to be painting over it anyway the gradient didn't have to be perfect. And perfect it was not! 

So the top half ended up being Zebra and the bottom Leopard, the only thing which i am annoyed with is that after I had finished painting with the acrylic paint I left them to dry for a good ten minutes (which funnily enough isn't something i usually do) then when i put the Seche Vite on top it pulled some of the finer lines with it. It didn't smudge it, it just literally scratched the paint off where the lines are so thin >.< 

I really do like how these came out, they look more like 'Safari Nails' than Animal Print and thats exactly what i was aiming for. Thank you so much for reading and i hope you're having a fabulous week. 

Jemma xox 


Freehand Nail Art Challenge: 6th April - Geometric

Hey loves!

Rita Ora, Rimmel London, Peachella, Neon Fest, Sweet Retreat, Wild-er-ness, Roll in the grass, Nail Art, GeometricHope your week is going well, i'm loving this weather so much I haven't had time to do my nails much i've been so busy getting outside doing things. Hence why this post is so late in the week. I must admit i struggled with the theme for this week. I wasn't sure what really fell under the Geometric category so i had a google and it gave me some ideas, in the end i just rolled with my own.
On Monday I went to Oxford, the night before i'd done my nails and i really wasn't pleased with them (Next blog post!) So i decided to redo them in about 15 minutes before we left. I couldn't decide what colour to go with so ended up just using all my Rita Oras and painting one on each nail LOL... so creative. But hey, it got me a compliment from a guy behind the till in Spar! Hahaha. So anyway i was left with a multicoloured base and just thought eh, black and white triangles it is. Then i thought i'd add a bit of grey to lighten it up a bit. 

Rita Ora, Rimmel London, Peachella, Neon Fest, Sweet Retreat, Wild-er-ness, Roll in the grass, Nail Art, Geometric

The black triangles on my forefinger and pinkie would have been the black triangle rhinestones from Claires had I been able to find them... I looked for ages and gave up in the end so i painted them on instead :') (And yes, i forgot to do one on my thumb!)

I used my Pure Color 10 brush from the Stylish Nail Art Shop to paint on my triangles. 

Rita Ora, Rimmel London, Peachella, Neon Fest, Sweet Retreat, Wild-er-ness, Roll in the grass, Nail Art, Geometric

I'll be posting next on Sunday! :) Thank you so much for reading

Jemma xox


Easter Manis 2015


And hoppy Easter ;) remember how I said I had lots of easter ideas?! Yes? Well I only had time to do two Easter designs :( 

The first one was a complete fail in my opinion however lots of lovelies liked it on Instagram (thank you <3333) 

I used elation generation by orly as the base, I then did some sexy fried eggs and some poodles. Okok, I mean some daisies and fancy looking rabbits.. ;)

The next mani I did is this one below; I used play date by Essie as the base, I then used chevrons vinyls from She sells sea shells with two polishes, Lovely by Claire's and Blue Moon by Barry M. I used Acrylics for the chick and Model Owns Swan for the bottom of the 'egg' 

The Chevrons aren't as neat as I wanted them to be but it's been ages since I've used vinyls, I really must use them more often now though. 

I hope you've had a really lovely Easter and that you aren't in a chocolate coma right now reading this ;) 

Jemma xox 


Freehand Nail Art Challange - 1st April: Flowers

Hello m'dears.

Freehand, Nail art, Flowers, one stroke flowers, models own, coconut cream, rhinestones, sinful colours, glass slippers, As i said in my last post, I've decided to take part in the Freehand nail art challenge set up by @Shakun_05 and @aglowworm on Instagram, I felt it would give me a bit of a kick up the butt to do more freehand nail art and to try different techniques. The theme for April 1st is Flowers.. if you hadn't guessed already! I've only attempted one stroke flowers once before and they were a disaster, thats why i wasn't really expecting my second attempt to go any better but I managed to complete them to a standard i'm happy with; they're not the best but they're certainly not the worst :')

For the base I used Models Own - Coconut Cream and topped it with Glass Slipper by Sinful Colours.

Freehand, Nail art, Flowers, one stroke flowers, models own, coconut cream, rhinestones, sinful colours, glass slippers, To do the flowers, I used acrylic paints and a flat brush. I put out onto my desk (yes, i use it as my palette ha) the two colours i was going to use. I dipped half the brush into one colour and the other half into the other colour then I did a few strokes on my desk to blend the colours together.  I then did my best to paint the petals onto my nails. After that I outlined them with black paint using my Pure Color 10 brush from The stylish nail art shop. I decided to add swirls into the background, I used the dark pink I'd mixed up for the flowers to create the background for the swirls then I went over the top with black paint. I added black dots and glitter to the middle of the flowers and also added the glitter onto the swirls. I didn't want to do all my nails the same as i think it would have been a bit too much, so i just placed Rhinestones onto my forefinger and pinkie.

Freehand, Nail art, Flowers, one stroke flowers, models own, coconut cream, rhinestones, sinful colours, glass slippers,

I love how the colours of the flowers work together with the black outline and the swirls. I also think they look quite delicate thanks to the neutral base colour even though the flowers themselves are quite bold. I'll definitely be experimenting more with the whole one stroke technique.

I'm going to be doing some Easter nails over the next few days, I have lots of ideas hopping about in my head so keep an eye out!

Jemma xox