Vertical Gradient Nails

Hey lovelies!

I did these nails probably 4 or 5 days ago now, i've been wearing them since then as well. (Blame lack of nail mojo) I wanted to try something a bit different so i decided to attempt a vertical gradient. I guess i'm pleased with how they came out, they weren't too hard to do but clean up was a nightmare... as you can see haha.

I used Peachella as the base and then used that along with Neon Fest painted on a make up sponge to create the gradient. (Yes the polishes by Rimmel.. Yes, the ones by Rita Ora LOL i promise i'll use less of these soon ok. They just work really well for gradients.) I've used Peachella so much I've only got half a bottle left already woops. 

I'm also going to be honest, the reason the colours change sides is because i messed up with the way the sponge wasn't supposed to be :')

I hate the pictures i got for these, they look terrible but anyway heres how they turned out, and yes, i added Fairy Dust by China Glaze!

Just a short post for today as i've decided to participate in the 'Freehand nail art challenge' set up by @shakun_05 and @aglowworm on Instagram (#freehandhallengeand i want to crack on with my nails for the 1st April! The theme is Flowers so i'm going to attempt one stroke flowers.. please send me all the luck in the world LOL

Hope you've had a good start to the week and thank you for reading!

Jemma xox


Purple Galaxy Manicure

(You'll be pleased to know i did not use any of the new Rita Ora shades in this mani ha ha ha ;))

Afternoon guys,

I have something I really need to get off my chest this evening. Grazia run a 'Manicure Monday' contest every Monday, the prize is fifty pounds worth of nails inc goodies. I entered my Purple Galaxy manicure into it, a few weeks ago i did the same with a different one and they put the finalists just after 3pm. This week they took foreverrrrr, so much so that i actually thought they'd forgotten, anyway they eventually put the finalists up today at about 2pm, 24 hours late ha. I wasn't disappointed that mine hadn't made it, but i was surprised at one of the other designs in particular that did make it and that actually made me pretty disappointed... Plain pink nails.. i mean really? I don't know who chooses the finalists but I really didn't expect them to choose such plain nails. I put a lot of effort into my nails, in fact it took me about an hour to do one hand. I certainly won't be bothering to enter again as its clear they don't appreciate the effort some people put in. I hope this comes across the right way and doesn't come across as me being a sore loser because thats not how i'm being.

Anyway now i've got that off my chest.. its time to show you todays manicure! I absolutely looooove these and they're definitely the best Galaxy style nails i've done!

I used Purple Xing by Nina Ultra Pro as the base for these, you can't actually see it now though ha. I ended up sponging over it with dark purple, i then used acrylic paints in light blue, mint green and lilac. I dabbed that on with a cut up make up sponge using tweezers. I then added some glitter using OPI - Which is witch? and some Fairy Dust by China Glaze. Then i painted on some stars using white acrylic paint and my Pure Color 10 brush from the Stylish Nail Art Shop. I sealed my design with the super fabulous Seche Vite.
Thats all for today so I hope you like this design, let me know what you think if you'd like!

Jemma xox


Ruffian nails + Solar Eclipse!

Yo yo yo,

So today i have some Ruffian nails to show ya! This was totally unplanned. I bought Vintage Violet by Barry M a few months ago and hadn't really used it yet, so i painted my nails with that a few days ago. Then i was like hmm what nail art can i do with this.. and then i magically thought this up. (I might be slightly obsessed with the Rita Ora polishes i have at the moment...)
So I added Wild-er-ness to Vintage Violet and got this lovely Ruffian mani, i love Ruffian nails as they're fairly easy to do; i really should do more of them!

Ruffian nails, rimmel london, rita ora, wild-er-ness, vintage violet, barry m, nail art, she sells sea shells, nails, jemmypuddleduck

Ruffian nails, rimmel london, rita ora, wild-er-ness, vintage violet, barry m, nail art, she sells sea shells, nails, jemmypuddleduckI then added some beautiful little studs i got from She Sells Seashells, you can buy the holographic circle studs for £1.50, i actually think these are my favourite type of studs, they're just so pretty and different to your typical silver stud.
I finished this design on Thursday evening, then on Friday morning i realised that the whole design reminded me of a solar eclipse and that the studs reminded me of the diagrams you get showing the phases of the moon ha, i hope everyone else can see that and not just me...

Obviously on the same day we actually had a Partial Solar Eclipse happen so i thought i'd just pop the picture that i managed to take here for your viewing :)

Solar eclipse 2015, solar, eclipse, moon, sun,

I'm so glad Spring is fiiiiinally here!! It makes me want to live my life to the full more than anything and it also means more spring nails!
I'll be back in a few days with another post! (Yep, i'm really getting my nail mojo back now! :D)

Jemma xox


Gradient nails using new Rita Ora shades!

Hello m'dears :)

First of all, I hope you've all had a better Wednesday than me! I'm really just wanting Easter to be here already, just so i can sink my teeth into a Chocolate Bunny and make Creme Egg brownies... and i can't forget all the Easter-y nail designs i've got buzzing around in my head, i just want to get on and do them!

I did these nails a few days ago, i've attempted a gradient with 3 colours before but its never gone to plan and for a change, this time it did go to plan!

Colours used:

Rita Ora Shades by Rimmel in:

Sweet Retreat

All £2.99 from Superdrug.

I really enjoyed doing this mani, i started by painting my nails with Peachella as its the lightest shade, then i added Wild-er-ness and Sweet Retreat over the top obviously using a sponge. Then my HK girl topcoat decided to literally destory it :( I've been using the same bottle of HK girl just refilling it whenever it gets low and i think its just got to the point where certain ingredients have evaporated so much that its just gone a bit thick and now i'm getting shrinkage whenever i use it. What the top coat tends to do is dry normally and then it pulls the polish in, so for example its pulled Wild-er-ness in so you can see peachella underneath. Its a pain in the arse. BUT, today a brand spanking new bottle of Seche arrived on my doorstep, yaaaaaaay!!

I decided to top off my mani with a black flower which was in a set i bought from the pound shop, cheap but cheerful!

I hope you like them!

Jemma xox


I'm back!

Hey everyone!

I've decided to start blogging again, i need some routine to my days and i figured blogging would help me do that again.

I went shopping last Friday and picked up two of the new Rita Ora shades by Rimmel; Neon Fest & Sweet Retreat. I'd already planned to do a gradient with them before i even bought them..

Anyway, i got home and painted my nails using Sweet Retreat, then I discovered i'd ran out of Make up sponges to do the gradient with, i bought a whole bag off eBay last week and couldn't remember for the life of me where i've put the rest of them, typical me haha, luckily my mum was going food shopping on Sunday so i asked her to grab me a bag from Sainsburys.


So on Sunday i finally did the gradient, i then added some of my new triangle stud things i bought from the Born Pretty Store to add bit of flare. I also think Gold and Pink work really well together. You can find the triangles here. Don't forget to use my 10% off code if you decide to order: JMMX31


Outside shot

You can purchase the new Rita Ora shades from Superdrug for £2.99 (Currently as of 16th March '15 they're buy one get one half price!) I think these polishes are very good value for money, i personally love the flat wide brush on them. Sweet Retreat needed three coats on my long nails but each coat dried very quickly. 

I think all the new shades are perfect for this spring and summer, there are a great range of brights and pastels, i'd say theres something for everyone and every skin tone. I have a few more of the shades to play around with as well so keep an eye out for what i do with those! 

I hope you've enjoyed todays post, please let me know what you think!

Jemma xox