Roasted veg, chicken wrapped in Bacon

Hey guys! 

So today's post is a little bit different, if you hadn't guessed already it's food related! I've recently rediscovered sweet potato, I tried it ages ago as chips and didn't like it at all. Then something made me buy one the other day and I roasted some and made mash with the other half and really liked it. So I bought another one this week... Along with a Butternut Squash which I've never tried before! So tonight I decided to do Roasted Veg with Chicken wrapped in Bacon with a Garlic and Herb sauce. 

What you need:

For the Roasted Veg (as much as you think you need!) 
Butternut squash 
Sweet potato

Chicken Breasts for however many people you're cooking for 
As much Bacon as you need to wrap around the Chicken

As much French Roule as you'd like (or a Garlic and Herb cheese, Boursin or an own brand one works just as well!) 
5 tbsp Soured Cream
1/2 Milk
2 tbsp Cornflour + a little water to mix it with 

Starting with the Roasted Veg...

I put all the Veg in a roasting pan with about 2-3 tablespoons of Olive oil giving it all a good mix. Cook at 200 for about 20-30 minutes. 

For the Chicken Breasts, I sliced them in half and put Philadelphia on one side, smooshed both sides of the chicken together and wrapped it in bacon then put it onto cook at about 180 for 30 minutes (after 20 minutes (or when the bacon is crispy) put foil over the top. 

For the sauce I put the Galicy Cheese into a pan and added the Soured Cream, then the Garlic Powder and some Parsley. When the cheese has melted add the Milk, after a few minutes take a ladle of the sauce out and put it into a separate bowl. Mix together the cornflour and the water and then add it into the sauce that you put into the separate bowl, put that back into the pan and heat it through again, you'll see the sauce start to thicken, turn off the heat when this starts to happen! 

I bought some frozen spinach and defrosted it right before I served up the Roasted Veg and mixed it in with it all. 

Pop it all on the plate and you're ready to eat! ☺️ 
I put Pink Himalayan salt onto my Roasted Veg and it was amazing! 

Let me know below if you try this out ☺️
Jemma xox 


Orions Belt/Damsel - Starrily

Hey guys!

Today I want to talk about the polishes I received last week from Starrily. I preordered Orions Belt in July and purchased two others alongside it (Damsel and Ultima). I wasn't really expecting to wait 3 months for it to turn up however... a month after I ordered I was getting a little concerned as the status of my order was still 'Paid' so I messaged their Facebook page and was told that the glitter had only just arrived as they had to have it made etc, they even gave me a $25 gift code for waiting, which was extremely generous of them, and thats the last i heard, no dispatch email, nothing.. So i decided to do a little fishing. Their Facebook page had gone very quiet which made me a bit more concerned... So i went onto Instagram and had a look through the Starrily hashtag and discovered the Owners Instagram and then discovered that she had just bought a warehouse to make all the polish in so I let them off as they were in the middle of getting it ready to move into hahaha. I just wish the status on my order had changed from Paid to Dispatched!

But in all honesty, the 3 month wait was SO WORTH IT! I painted my nails with Orions Belt first and it was absolutely beautiful. After a few days I added a coat of Damsel to give it a bit of a whooooomph (which it really didn't need, I just needed to do it.) And here is the outcome below... Unfortunately the Sun was nowhere to be seen but I took pictures in two different light settings. 

Under my Naturalight w/Flash

Just with Flash
On the nail the Glitter is VERY smooth, even without topcoat. We've all experienced the 'scratchy' glitter at one point but this felt more like the OPI Liquid Sands! But I still used Seche Vite to topcoat my nails and it felt super smooth afterwards. My manicure lasted about 4 days before tip wear started to appear, but that can be easily solved by just filing your nails down a tad! Its definitely a polish I would consider wearing if I was going away with no time to paint my nails for a few days!

As for removal, I used the foil method, which I try not to do too much as I sometimes get Eczema on my hands and I don't really want to set that off! But for Glitter like this, its something I had to do.. Otherwise I think I may have gone a little insane trying to get it all off haha. It didn't really take me long though and if there was some Glitter remaining on my nail after i'd pulled off the foil, it was easy to scratch off gently, it was like the Acetone had removed the Suspension Base and left the Glitter just sat on my Nail. 

I would highly recommend getting these if you want some SUPER sparkly polish! I can't wait to use Ultima, and maybe some Sharpies alongside it... Starrily is currently closed as of 27/09/15 as they've had a large increase in Orders, otherwise I would have added the links to each polish I got! 

I'll be back in a few days with some Stamping! 
Stay safe lovelies.
Jemma xox


Improved Orange and Red Aztec Nails

Hey guys!

Ah its been so long... I was meant to post these a while back too! Anyway.. if you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen the picture below before as i posted it just a few weeks ago after finding it again.. I did them about 3 years ago and i actually used acrylics for the gradient.. *hangs head with shame* I thought they were amazing at the time and was really proud of the pattern i did on top of it... 

But its amazing how much difference practice can make...

Ta daaaa! This time around I used Nail polishes for the gradient on a good old sponge! Shades used were she's pampered and Fear & Desire both by Essie.
I used Black acrylic for the pattern along with my Pure Color 10 brush.

Much. Better.

So I guess this is where I say, if you're a newbie at nail art, keep going, keep practising, you will improve!! I mean the nails i do now are no where near perfect but even I can see I've definitely improved :')

Anyway, i hope you like them as much as i did at the time! Pretty sure i wore these for a good week hahaha

Hope you all have a good Friday!

Jemma xox


Stamping using Moscow and Excalibur (PP & A-England)

Hey everyone!

My mojo left me again, thats why there hasn't been any nail posts recently! Managed to get it back a little bit by doing some stamping. 

I've been trying to work out which of my polishes work well with stamping and which ones don't! I found a silver metallic polish that works quite well, well enough for me anyway haha, if you hadn't guessed, that polish is Excalibur by A-England. 

I painted my nails with Moscow by Picture Polish then stamped over it using Excalibur and one of my plates from the Born Pretty Store, you can purchase the same plate here AND its currently half price at $3.00 (literally £1.75 or something...) 

As you can see Excalibur stamps fairly well but its not perfect! I've let my nails go a little bit recently, especially my cuticles but i'm back to taking care of them now so they should look a bit better soon!

I know this is short but I hope you've enjoyed it!

Jemma xox


Reverse Stamping - Aztec Style!

Hey guys!

I've literally been obsessed with my UberMat the last few days, its just amazing! I had another go at Reverse Stamping, overall i'm happy with how they turned out but they could have been A LOT better!!

I used an Aztec themed Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate, you can grab it here for $5.99. I used MUA Pitch Black - the same as last time! The white is Whitewash also by MUA. I also used Acrylic Paints again. The studs were also from the Born Pretty Store. 

I'd planned on doing all 10 nails with the Aztec Pattern but when i placed the first 'decal' on my middle finger it was wonky so i decided to take it off and then i got tired so i left my forefinger and middle finger white and decided to add the studs and i'm actually glad I did that as I love these! I'm thinking now that all 10 may have just been waaaaay too much!

I don't know about you, but i've been really cold recently, so don't be surprised if all my manis start getting darker and more Autumnal haha, anyway thats all for today. I hope you like these! Let me know below if you do :)

Jemma xox


Reverse Stamping using the UberMat

Hey lovelies!

Can't believe its Friday again and we're now in Autumn, um where did Summer go?! It went way too quickly! I do love Autumn though so it can come at me now, Pumpkin Spice Latte please ;) I'm looking forward to doing some Autumnal Nail Art as well!

Last Friday I ordered an UberMat from UberChic Beauty ($14.99 + postage which is a flat rate of $10 to the UK) it arrived on Wednesday all the way from the states... Yes, it took just 5 days to get here!! Absolutely amazing. And so is the Mat. Its literally opened up a whole new world of Nail Art for me. I now have a tonne more uses for my Stamping Plates as well so I decided to try out Reverse Stamping.

I'm so pleased with how my first attempt turned out! The only bit which was a bit tricky was actually placing the 'decal' on my nail. I used Seche Vite to make it with and the whole thing kept curling up when I was trying to press it onto my Nail, but I got there with the help of Tweezers and my Fingers, I just need a bit more practice as i ended up with a few air bubbles and creases but you can hardly see them. 

For anyone who doesn't know, Reverse Stamping is literally picking up the image with your Stamper and leaving it there then colouring different parts of it in with paint to add colour, adding top coat on top of the whole thing and then leaving it to dry. When its dry you peel it off and place it on a just Top Coated Nail. 
With the UberMat you paint the top coat onto the Mat first instead and then Stamp over it, thats the way i've been doing it anyway! The UberMat is fab because is allows you to do 10 or more, lets call them decals (because thats what they basically turn into!) at a time just depends if you want to use the printed nail as a guide. 

The plate I used is from the Born Pretty Store and is currently $2.99 you can purchase it here. Its one of my favourite plates, lots of florals and patterns perfect for Reverse Stamping. The Black I used to Stamp with is Pitch Black by MUA. To colour in the design I just used a bright blue Acrylic Paint. The Lilac i used is a Hypergel by Models Own and its called Lilac Sheen.

I love how these turned out and I can't wait to do more designs, the possibilities really are endless now.

Jemma xox


Magical Pastel Gradient Nails

Hey guys!

Back sooner than i thought i would be haha, this isn't the recreation i mentioned yesterday but i love these nails SO MUCH i had to share them ASAP! How magical do they look?!

Taken in doors with flash and a naturalight.
Taken outside in the sunshine (yes, i managed to find some!!)
Ugh i LOVE THEM. I'm surprised i managed to come up with something so amazing hahaha.

Now onto the details, for the gradient I used 3 polishes. The Pink is Kiss Me by Claires, the purple is Lilac Sheen Hypergel by Models Own, and the Blue shade is The tide is high by Nails Inc (Came with InStyle magazine earlier this year) 

The studs are my favourite (Seriously, i use these the most i think!) they're the Holographic circle studs from She sells sea shells, you can purchase them here for £1.50 and you get 100 studs.

The polish i used on my Thumb, Forefinger and Pinkie is Come Out Your Shell by OPI. I love how it looks under different lights, it was a bit of a bitch to apply though! There was a lot of base and not enough shards. I ended up painting it on to a sponge and then dabbing it onto my nails. 

I top coated with Seche Vite and it decided to shrink on my ring finger pulling Kiss Me with it :(

Anyway thats all for today! Hope you're all having a good week

Jemma xox


First entry for Models Own 1234 Thumbwars Comp!

Yo guyssss,

My goshhhhh its been a while! I've still been doing my nails I just haven't been in the mood for blogging. But here I am, I'm back.

So Models Own have recently launched a Nail Art Competition and i'm loving it! The picture below is the inspiration:


Its such an interesting picture and i've seen lots of creative designs come from it! Here is my own one:

I'm not really happy with how these came out in the photos - major shrinkage going on with the topcoat! :( And you can't even see the daisies haha.

I used a Dark Blue by Nail Rock - i don't know about you but you can see a dark blue reflection on the models forehead so i wanted to incorporate that into the design. The lilac stripes were done freehand with acrylic.

I used the Dark Blue again, along with Fear & Desire by Essie and then painted the daisies down the righthand side.

Middle Finger:
Lilac to Dark Purple Gradient using Models Own Hypergel in Lilac Sheen and Playdate by Essie.

Ring Finger:
Gradient of Dark Blue to Metallic Purple: Dark Blue by Nail Rocks and the Purple is a Metallic one by Models Own with no name! The dribbles of paint are just yellow acrylic and I used my PureColor 10 brush from the Stylish nail art shop.

Little Finger:
Fear & Desire by Essie and black acrylic to represent the top of the Models hair!

I'm planning on entering again though, need to have a good brainstorm first to come up with some original ideas!

The Competition is running on their Instagram page if any of you would like to take part!

Hope you've enjoyed todays post - i'll be back later this week with a recreation of one of my old designs! :)

Jemma xox


Dry brush technique Nails with Hysteria by Dance Legend

Hey everyone!

I hope you've all had a good week, mine started well and then took a bit of a nose dive haha. Anyway I did these nails almost two weeks ago! I really enjoyed doing these and I loved how they turned out, i kept them on for a good 5 days :o then tip wear started appearing so they had to go!

I started by painting my nails with Sugarloaf sunset by Nails Inc which came with InStyle magazine last year. I then took Kiss Me by Claires and used the dry brush technique to create the base for my nail art. The dry brush technique for anyone who doesn't know is basically where you literally wipe nearly allllll the polish off of your brush before randomly stroking it over your nails.

I used washi tape to create the triangle shapes with Hysteria by Dance Legend. I then used my Pure Color 10 and silver Acrylic paint to outline them. To top it all off I used probably my favourite studs of all time.. the holo circle studs from She Sells Sea Shells on my two middle fingers.

Let me know what you think of these below! I'm also sorry about the very uncreative names for my blogposts - i can never think of anything good haha

Thanks for reading :)
Jemma xox


OPI tint flowers and glittaaaar!

Hey everyone :) 

Happy Friday Eve! Today's post involves a bit of faffing around.. I hadn't planned this one out at all, I painted my nails with a dark blue by Nail Rocks (the one that comes in the kit with the flocking powder)  


After that I used white acrylic to paint flowers on my middle nails, after letting them dry I took my OPI mini tints and 'coloured' them in, I like but don't love how they came out, I've seen some much better results! On my forefinger and my pinkie I added my favourite holo glitter Jo is in the house by H&M.

I hope at least someone likes these more than I do haha. I just wanted to add that tomorrow I'm having a discount day for my Puddleducks Pretties store, if you're buying for Christmas already this is the perfect opportunity to grab a hand painted bargain. If you want to know more please head over to http://facebook.com/puddleduckspretties and read the pinned post! :)

Thank you for reading! 
Jemma xox 


Soigné Gradient with Heart stamping

Hey everyone :)

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend! I'm still playing catch up - I wore these nails at the start of last week! 

For the Gradient I used two polishes by Soigné, Fruit de La Passion and Pétale de Rose, available as part of the Macaron Collection, you can buy all 5 shades here for £38. 

I did two coats of Fruit de La Passion first as it was the lightest shade and then sponged on Pétale de Rose. What i've started to do is do the base for nail art on one day and then the actual nail art the following day (or the day after sometimes ha) it just allows for everything to dry completely - i'm a bit impatient, I've started doing stamping over polish waaaay before its completely dried, goes without saying that its a complete fail!

MUA Pitch Black, stamping, MoYou, Soigné Nails Fruit de la passion, pétale de Rose, gradient nails, nail art, gradient, ombré, ombre, ombre nails soigne, jemmypuddleduck

The Stamping plate I used was the Pro XL - 14 from MoYou London which I can't seem to find on their website anymore! The black I used to Stamp with it MUA Pitch black, for £1 its a bargain! The lovely Seche Vite decided to slightly drag the black Polish as well even though I left it 5 minutes before I top coated :(

Silly me also left a bit of liquid latex on my ring finger, so excuse the orange cuticle haha.

I still have a few more designs to show you before I'm up to date so I'll post again in a couple of days!

Have a great Monday!
Jemma xox


Picture Polish - Grace with Moon Studs

Hey loves,

Ahhhhhh, I seem to have accumulated a fair few Nail pictures over the last few weeks, i just haven't had any enthusiasm to actually write about them! I think its coming back slowly.. hence why i'm sat here typing this out! I hope your week has started well - mine did! Anyway, on to the nails...

Picture polish grace she sells sea shells uk moon studs

I wore these about 2 weeks ago, 
Picture polish grace she sells sea shells uk moon studs
Grace my Picture polish is my all time 
favourite shade/polish EVER. Its my go to if i need a bit of a palette cleanser, or if i'm not sure on what i want to wear. It goes on like an absolute dream, it dries super quickly and its super gorgeous too! Its not full on holo, its subtle, but just enough really.

I didn't want to just wear it alone though so i paired it with some lovely big moon studs from She sells sea shells, you can buy them here if you want your own moons! You get 100 for £1.50 so not a bad price at all. 

I know these studs are a bit on the large side - probably not practical if you work with your hands a lot but they lasted about 2 days on my nails and I'd only used Seche Vite to adhere them to my nails so not bad at all really!

I hope you like these and i'll be back later this week with another post :)

Jemma xox


Big Blue Roses

Hey everyone!

I can't believe its nearly Monday again and i also can't believe that I did these nails 4 days ago and have already taken them off and put something else on... they only lasted 2 days :(

I wanted to paint my nails with something from my old line of polish (Chubby Owl Polish) so i went for Comet Dust which was one of the last polishes i made :( its a beautiful black jelly polish with teeny tiny blue glitters, small dark pink hexes, large purple dot glitters and good old holographic stars! (There could even be some other glitters in there..) I just love the amount of depth there is and how it layers well.

Chubby owl polish, roses, nail art, stylish nail art shop, pure color 10, Blue roses, comet dust

I just received some new nail art brushes from the Stylish Nail Art Shop so i wanted to use them, so I decided to do big blue Roses. I'm always amazed at how Glitterfingers (Instagram!) florals turn out so i decided to push myself and try and not be so neat and perfect with them - i often find my Roses come out looking the same, all even and they don't really look like Roses, but i really think these ones do! I've finally found a technique which really works for me too. 

Chubby owl polish, roses, nail art, stylish nail art shop, pure color 10, Blue roses, comet dust

What I used:
  • 2 shades of Blue Acrylic Paint (One light and one dark. I used a Cornflower type Blue and a light Blue)
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Dark Green
  • Light Green, optional.
  • Pure Color 10

What I did:

I started by painting big Blue splodges onto each Nail with the light Blue, I let them all dry. Then I picked up quite a big blob of White and started swirling it on top of the Blue, while the white was still wet i picked up the darker shade of Blue and swirled that into the White and then did the same with the lighter shade of Blue until it looked Rose like. Sometimes I repeated this process several times until it looked how I wanted it to look.

Chubby owl polish, roses, nail art, stylish nail art shop, pure color 10, Blue roses, comet dustFor the leaves i just painted leaf like shapes coming from different sides of the Roses, I then *attempted* to blend in White on one side of the leaf before the dark Green dried to give it a bit of dimension - not really sure this worked though :') But at least it made them stand out a bit more from the dark background!

I really love these, the bright blue really made the Roses pop. Might have to try these out in different colours! Or do different colours Roses.. maybe rainbow Roses.. ooh that would be pretty...

Hope you've enjoyed todays post! Really hoping to do something with my Bow decals the Born pretty store sent me later this week.. something totally new to me (hopefully..if it all works to plan!)

Have a fab Monday ;)

Jemma xox


Nail Art subconsciously inspired by Spectrum Brushes

Evening everyone :)

Today i'm showing you what's possibly my favourite gradient ever! Last Saturday was our villages Carnival and I wanted something bright and summery on my nails, but not the usual bright summer colours so i went for a bright blue and a dark purple.

I used Hello Kitty - Shop teal you drop and Claires - Lilo for the gradient, its not the best gradient in the world but considering i did it in poor lighting at about 10pm, i think it turned out alright haha and as per usual I left it until I was about to take these off to take photos of them, so please excuse the tip wear!!
      Claires lilo hello kitty shop teal you drop gradient nails spectrum brushes

When I first used the Hello Kitty polish Jess gave me, I wrote about how impressed I was with the brush and the quality of these polishes and nothing has changed! Apart from mine has nearly ran out :( must find a replacement!! The polishes by Claires are really good for gradients, and they're on the cheap side as well, they also do a fab range of different colours - I'm always spoilt for choice when I go in there! Most polishes are just £2.50.

Anyway, after I did these I realised I'd used the same colours as the bristles on my Spectrum Make Up Brush :') subconsciously inspired much... seeing as i use it everyday ha. I was going to do some sort of mermaidy nail art on these babies but after wearing them for 4 days I think I need a change of colours, but thats something I'll probably do in the future!

Claires lilo hello kitty shop teal you drop gradient nails spectrum brushes

Anyway just a short n sweet post for today, if you fancy buying your own fancy make up brush you can do so here, the one i have is perfect for applying powder when setting your make up.

I hope you guys have had a good start to the week too and i'll be back later this week with (hopefully) some detailed nail art using my new Stylish Nail Art Brushes!

Jemma xox


Saran Wrap/cling film nails using ILNP and OPI

Hey lovelies!

Hope you're all enjoying this super warm weather! I ordered a paddling pool on Monday and it arrived today, thank god! 
It's where I've spent most of today and its where the nail pic was taken! 😂

I actually really really love my nails right now! That doesn't happen often 😂 I decided to do the cling film method using ILNP in charmingly purple and OPI in gargantuan green grape (old version) 

It's so simple and easy to do and I love the effect it gives, it also doesn't take long, I usually do my base the day before and then the actual nail art the day after.


I wanted to add some sort of jewely thing to my nails so I had a look through my nail art drawer and found some heart studs I bought from she sells sea shells a few months back, I think the gold and the purple holo work really well together. I top coated my nails with HK girl.

I hope you like them as much as I do.
That's all for now, time to do a bbq! 

Jemma xox


Born pretty store stamping plate (BP-66) review

Evening lovelies! 

I can't believe how quick this week has gone! It's nearly Friday 🎉

Last weekend I bought some new polishes from Claires including Kiss Me, a baby pink that's very similar to Mod about you by OPI. I had been looking for a new baby pink since my Mod about you dried up and thought that Kiss Me was perfect. 

Born Pretty Store, stamping, Black stamper, orly, miss conduct, claires, kiss me,

I found Mod about you to be quite thick, it did mean less coats of polish but when it got down to 1/4 of a bottle it just got too thick and then dried up.

I prefer this polish to Mod about you. To get Kiss Me opaque I had to do 3 coats, I must admit though it still looked a bit streaky, but it was so much better to work with as it wasn't thick. I'm happy with it though, partly because I knew I was going to stamp over it and the streakiness wouldn't be so obvious 😂

I was sent the stamping plate by the born pretty store to review, so I used that with my stamper, also from the born pretty store along with MUA pitch black to create the design below as I've used the two before and know they work well together.

Born Pretty Store, stamping, Black stamper, orly, miss conduct, claires, kiss me,

I found that the image didn't pick up too well off the plate. Like I said I've used the stamper and the MUA Pitch black together before, I think the whole not picking up well is down to the plate this time. I mean, the images didn't turn out terrible but they could be a lot better. I couldn't leave it the way it was so decided to fill any spaces where the design should be in with black acrylic paint.

Born Pretty Store, stamping, Black stamper, orly, miss conduct, claires, kiss me,

Much better right? I used my pure Color 10 brush from the stylish nail art shop. If you like the look of this plate I definitely think you should go ahead and get it, for the price it's not a bad plate at all. You can purchase it here for just $2.99. However personally I probably wouldn't purchase this plate as for me, I only liked one of the designs out of all 4, the designs aren't similar and don't really fit together in any way either, its quite a random plate really!

If you make a purchase from the Born Pretty Store be sure to use my code JMX31 to get 10% off your order!

(Accent nail is Orly - Miss Conduct
Top coat used is HK girl)

That's all for today! I have one more item to review from the born pretty store, I've left it till last because I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with it! But I'm sure I'll come up with something soon.

Jemma xox


Ruby Wing - Sweet Rose

Hey everyone! 

I've lost my nail mojo again :( if anyone finds it please return it to me! Hahaha 

I've been wearing my new Ruby Wing polish in Sweet Rose for about 4/5 days now and I'm definitely in a love hate relationship with it! 

First of all I didn't expect it to be pale pink indoors and hot pink outside, (to be honest, I did only look at the small thumbnail of it..oops) but it is. On Amazon and on the tag around the neck it shows a light purpley pink colour and a dark purple colour. It cost me £10 so mehhhh to that! If you want to purchase it, you can here.

Sweet rose, Ruby wing, UV polish, Photochromic polish

I had to do 4 coats to get it opaque and even then there were still some streaks :( then I noticed in the sunlight the whole nail wasn't changing colour (as you can see above!) I much prefer (and really love) the outside colour to the inside. 

23/06/15 So this blogpost has been sat in my drafts for probably 2 weeks now! I was planning on doing nail art on these but didn't in the end! (I did say i'd lost my mojo haha!) So i'm just going to post this because at least it tells you my thoughts on the polish used! You know whats crazy? I took this off and then REPAINTED MY NAILS WITH IT. And i still disliked it...

Anyway, hope you've enjoyed reading this teeny post!

Jemma xox


Black Stamper and Stamping plate (19340) reviews - Born Pretty Store Reviews

Hey everyone! 

Finally writing from my brand spanking new MacBook! Its so nice to finally have one back :)

Last week I received some items to review from the Born Pretty Store. I got the black stamper, 2 stamping plates and some Bow Water Decals. Today i'm (obviously) reviewing the black stamper and one of the stamping plates! 

stamping, born pretty store, triangles, gradient nails, 2true, nail polish, nail art

The stamping plate to the left is the one I used. First of all i love that it has 2 different designs on one plate and i also love the fact that each design is big enough to use even if you have long nails like me, you can get a few different designs from this plate too, because the flowers go from big to little you can easily pick up half way between them so you could stamp bigger flowers at the top of your nail and smaller flowers at the bottom all in one go. I decided to use the triangles as i've literally wanted this plate for ages because of them! You can purchase this plate here for $1.99.stamping, born pretty store, triangles, gradient nails, 2true, nail polish, nail art

I used Pitch Black by MUA to stamp with as I find it works best with my Konad Stamper and was hoping it would work the same with the Black Stamper. And it did! At first I found the Black Stamper wasn't picking up the image very easily so i took a nail file and gently ran it over the stamper, after I did that the image transferred to the stamper a lot more easily. I didn't like the scraper that came with it at all so used my old trusty credit card instead; i just found the scraper didn't scrape the polish off as well as it should and it felt a bit scratchy at times!

stamping, born pretty store, triangles, gradient nails, 2true, nail polish, nail artThere were two things i didn't like about the actual stamper, firstly that EVERYTHING tiny and annoying seemed to stick to it; fibres from cotton pads, dog hairs, my own damn hair, general lint, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. The second thing was that the actual stamper piece, so the rubbery bit, kept falling out every time i cleaned it off. Definitely need to glue it into place!! What i did love about the stamper was how squishy it is! I found stamping with my Konad stamper always hurt my nail beds because it was so hard and I really had to push and roll it over my nail to get the complete image to transfer properly often holding/pushing the bottom half of my nail up towards the stamper as I rolled it over. My nail beds didn't hurt when using the Black Stamper. Hooray! I'll definitely be using the Black Stamper in the future, its definitely worth purchasing, especially if you have longer nails, even if you do have to make some improvements - they're only minor after all! And for just $3.84 its a steal. You can also get 10% off with the code JMMX31 :)

stamping, born pretty store, triangles, gradient nails, 2true, nail polish, nail art

Onto the actual mani.. For the Gradient i used 2true shades in 23 and 32. I absolutely adore this design. I really have a thing for triangles so this probably won't be the last time you see this plate used! The little gold triangles just completes it all really nicely, they're also from the Born Pretty Store, you can find them here.

Going back to the stamping, my triangles were not perfect at first, some of them had a little bit missing so i just took some acrylic paint and my Pure Color 10 brush from the Stylish nail art shop and filled them in which i actually enjoyed doing.

I hope you like these as much as i dooooo! I've been wearing them for almost a week and didn't even realise it!! :o

I'll be back towards the end of the week with my review on the Bow Water Decals, enjoy the rest of your week and thank you for reading!

Jemma xox


Revlon colorstay - Lady Luck + stamping.

Hey everyone :)

revlon, colorstay, lady luck, nail polish, nail varnish, review, swatch, moyou, stamping, First of all Bank holidays always put me out! I always think the Tuesday is a Monday, anyone else with me?! Secondly, I've caught the stamping bug. And I'm not unhappy about that at all! Before I get into the stamping part I want to tell you about the base for the stamping. It's from the Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy 'Long lasting' range and it's called Lady Luck 110. There is a topcoat in this range but I didn't get it as I love my Seche Vite too much and that's what I used to top coat my nails. I put Lady Luck on last week, after 3-4 days I started to get tip wear, then on day 7 I got a chip. To me that's not really long lasting as such, I was expecting it to last over 10 days. After 7 though, I'll be honest, my nails had grown so much I had to get it off. (Below you can see the amount they grew! Pictures were taken on day 6) I noticed the consistency of this polish is a bit thicker than your regular polish, but it was just as easy as easy to apply. It also has a nice long brush which makes it easy to keep everything neat.
This polish is more true to colour in the last two pictures, I added the first picture to show you the shimmer! You can only see the shimmer in direct sunlight unfortunately. I love the colour, however, I did not expect it to be as bright as it was. In the bottle it looks like a very shimmery coral colour, but as soon as it's on your nails it becomes quite neon, it actually reminded me a bit of flip flop fantasy by China Glaze it was that bright! What's funny about it is that when it got darker in the evening my nails would become more neon, in lighter spaces it was less neon and more coral rather than orange. To be honest, it's perfect for summery toes really as it makes your feet look more tanned than what they are! Moving on to the stamping...

revlon, colorstay, lady luck, nail polish, nail varnish, review, swatch, moyou, stamping,

revlon, colorstay, lady luck, nail polish, nail varnish, review, swatch, moyou, stamping, I loved using the MUA pitch black for stamping last time so decided to use it again, it just picks up all the little details really well. This time I used liquid 'paliside' around my nails that I purchased from the born pretty store, it works pretty well but I think there is better out there in terms of removing it, this one dries into a really thin layer and, depending on how you apply it, mainly comes off in small pieces. But it does what I need it to do, for now haha. I don't think it works too well when a lot of polish gets on it. I did try it with a gradient and as the latex got really wet and thick with polish it was hard to peel off, I found that letting the polish dry completely worked better than peeling it off when it was wet. Still got into a huge mess though! >.< 

The plate I used for stamping was the Pro XL 10 plate from MoYou London, it's my favourite at the moment, can you tell? Hahaha. 

I hope you like these nails, i think they're really summery and I enjoyed wearing them. I definitely think the Revlon Colorstay range would be good to invest in if you did the 2 for £10 deal (if its still on!) They're £6.99 each othewise, which to me is a bit pricey. I'd rather spend £10 on one bottle of Picture Polish, which actually lasts a lot longer on your nails with no chips or tip wear..