Models Own/ILNP Chevron Mani

Hey everyone :)

I've been really busy so i've been wearing the same polish for about 4 days now! I even recycled it after the second day to get more wear out of it.

I wore Models Own - Purple Imperial on its own for the first two days..

And then i decided to spruce it up a bit! I really liked the outcome, and i'm surprised that after 4 days i haven't been tempted to pull any of the rhinestones off LOL

What i used:

Models Own - Purple Imperial
ILNP - Dreaming in Violet
Single Chevrons from Nail Redesigned

So obviously i painted my nails with Purple Imperial first of all. I thought i'd do the nail art the day after i'd painted my nails because i'm really impatient and didn't want to end up painting my nails then using the chevron nail vinyls on them too soon (i'm sure its happened to all of us at least once..) so i thought this way would be a fail proof haha. So the day after... I used tweezers to place the chevrons where i wanted them making sure they all matched. I then painted on Dreaming in Violet on the bottom half of each nail. I left that to dry for a bit then top coated with my HK girl top coat, i then *quickly* applied the rhinestones over where the two polishes met forming the chevron shape with them. Top coated again and voilaaaa. 

After that i decided i wasn't happy with my pinkie and forefinger being the Models Own colour so i took it off those two fingers and changed it to Dreaming in Violet instead. I was much happier with the results after i'd done that! (Forgot to take pictures gah)

So i hope you like these. Just something quick and simple to jazz up a plain mani!

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend :D



Moscow - Picture Polish


As we come to the end of another weekend.. (Not long till Christmas, i'm sure you're aware of that by now muaha...) as promised, here is the absolutely stunningly, gorgeous Moscow by Picture Polish, isn't it just amazing?! Its just the best autumn nail colour ever if you ask me!

Picture Polish moscow swatch review nail nails

Picture Polish moscow swatch review nail nails Colour:

Moscow is a gorgeous, slightly holographic, deep purple/berry/maroon colour. 

Depending on the way you look at it you can see a pretty rainbow, then sometimes you can see pink flecks, it just looks gorgeous any way you look at it. There isn't any glitter in this polish so there are no lumpy bumps to worry about. (also makes for easy removal ;))

I really think this is going to be the polish i wear the most this winter from my entire collection...

Picture Polish moscow swatch review nail nails


Every time i come to write a review on Picture Polishes i always want to say the same good things and this polish is no exception, i honestly just can't fault it, the consistency, the brush, the whole application process.. its just effortless and i think Picture Polish are turning into one of my favourite brands..

They also dry really quickly which is always a plus. Two coats of this polish gave complete coverage and there wasn't any staining when i removed it.. (something i always worry about with dark colours!) however it did leave lots of sparkles over my hands, but who doesn't like sparkles?!

Picture Polish moscow swatch review nail nails Where to buy:

You can get Moscow from Rainbow Connection for £11.50.

I think you can tell just how much i love this polish haha, anyway i'm hoping to do some nail art this week so stay tuned m'dears!



Fool's Gold - Picture Polish

Hey lovelies!

I received Fools Gold from Jess (@claws4paws on IG) for my birthday a few weeks ago. Jess' birthday is on the 12th of October and mine was on the 23rd and as she wanted Forget Me Not from the newly released Picture Polishes and i wanted Fools Gold we decided to get them for each other.  

Fool's Gold is just gorgeousssss!

Fools gold picture polish swatch nails nail polish varnish


Fool's gold is a beautiful light blue shade with gold glitter and tiny silver particles (from what i can see these aren't holographic) I think this is a really lovely light icy blue for winter - i'll definitely be using it for some winter nail art!

Fools gold picture polish swatch nails nail polish varnish


Picture Polish brushes are amazing, they're one of my favourite polish brushes to paint with, they're wide but not too wide so they're great for any width of nail. 3 brush strokes and the entire nail is covered. The consistency allowed the polish to just glide on. I honestly haven't found any faults with any of my Picture Polishes!

Where to buy:

You can buy Fool's Gold from Rainbow Connection for £11.50 - totally worth it when it applies so well and has to come all the way from Australia!

I'm off now to paint my nails with Moscow, also by Picture Polish - i should hopefully have a review up on it over the weekend! :D

Hope you're all having a good week!