Candy corn gradient nails

Hey everyone :)

I've pretty much been preparing for Halloween since the 1st October.. seriously... i carved out my first Pumpkin nearly 3 weeks ago..paha. I love Autumn so much.. and I now love Halloween just as much! Halloween has changed a lot since i've got older. It wasn't very big here in the UK but now it all seems to have exploded..

My lovely friend Elana sent me some Halloween Cupcake cases and I used them today to make Cupcakes with a Pumpkin and Cream Cheese topping and they are amazing! (I also made some Pumpkin pie!) I just made some regular sponge cupcakes.. then after roasting a baby pumpkin (sounds like torture.. haha) I blended it when it was cold and then mixed some with Mascarpone, icing sugar and some pumpkin spice (my own mixture of Allspice, Nutmeg, Cinnamon and Ginger..) until it tasted right and plonked it right on top of the Cupcakes!

Moving on to todays nails...I've been wearing these for the last 3 days and i love them! The photo below was taken on the 2nd day of wearing them, the other one was taken today as i lost the other pictures i'd taken so please excuse the tip wear!!

For the gradient i used

NYC - Pinstripe white
Essie - Fear and Desire
Barry M - Lemon

I think they turned out fab :') I've never actually tasted Candy corn and that makes me sad.

I had to get a picture of my nails with my Owl PocketBac case that Elana also gave me because i absolutely LOVE it :')

Anyway just a short post for tonight as i'm going to start working on my actual halloween nails in a minute...

Hope you've enjoyed it - if i don't get to write my Halloween post tomorrow night... I hope you all have a very safe and happy Halloween!



Boutique - Berry Nice

Evening everyone!

Long time no blogpost, hey! It was my 21st on Thursday and this last week has been really hectic...

Anyway today I'm showing you a fairly new brand, I even had to do a bit of reading on it. Apparently it's Sainsburys own brand of polish! And I tell you what, I'm impressed. They have a wide range of colours and for just £4 you really can't go wrong with them... keep reading to find out why!

Berry nice boutique sainsburys nail polish
In the shade

I'm loving the Berry colour of this polish, thats why i chose it ha, now its Autumn all i want on my nails is dark purples, reds and berry colours! Theres a whole range of colours and i'll definitely be picking up more, you can see the other colours and read all about the brand and how it came about, here.

Berry nice boutique sainsburys nail polish
With flash on

I found the brush made this polish really easy to apply; it allowed me to get right up near the cuticle without getting any polish on them. No need for clean up - yay! 

This consistency of the polish was perfect, it wasn't too thin and it wasn't too thick, it flowed easily. I applied 2 coats and found in some areas it needed a third so I did another one and then applied top coat. 

I wore this colour for 3 days and thats when it started to chip, but to me thats not a bad thing, it makes a good excuse to redo my nails ;)

Where to buy:

Sainsburys - £4

In the shade again

These polishes are definitely worth the £4 they cost. Like i said i'll definitely being buying more - they're good if you want to just satisfy that i-need-new-polish craving and want a good quality polish without spending a lot. Let me know what you think and if you've bought/buy any! :)

Hope you've enjoyed tonights post. (If you follow me on Instagram and read that I was going to do a review on the NYC Peel off base coat, its coming! Last week was really hectic...)

Hope you've had a good Monday!



Simple Gradient and Stamping VIDEO!

Hellooo :)

I uploaded a video to YouTube this morning and so thats basically my post for today! You can watch it below :)

Please subscribe and give it a thumbs up if you enjoy it!

Thats all for today!


Blueberry Ice Cream Floral nail art

Hey m'dears :)

Hope you're all doing well! Last week i did some simple floral nail art with an accent nail, i wore it a few days and really loved how they turned out so thats what i'm sharing with you all today.

Heres how they looked:

What i used/What you'll need:

Blueberry Ice Cream - Barry M (Any light blue polish)
Orly - Dazzle (Any silver polish)
Acrylic paints in Leaf Green, Pink and White.
Detailing brushes (I used my JN Dance)
Dotting Tool/Hair grip/Needle

I bought a few of Barry M polishes, regular Nail Paints and Gelly ones, a few weeks ago. I decided to use Blueberry Ice Cream for this one which is a regular Nail Paint (£2.99 Superdrug/Boots)

The accent nail is Orly - Dazzle which is a really gorgeous silver, it reminds me of aluminium foil :')

To create my floral accent nail:

  1. Started by painting the shapes of the leaves and the roses with white Acrylic Paint.
  2. After that i dried I used a Leafy green Acrylic paint to add the flowers making sure i covered all the white paint. 
  3. Then i used a light pink and white to create swirly Roses between all the leaves.
  4. To finish it off i used a Dotting Tool to create the dots between the Roses.

Just a quick post tonight as I have a YouTube video to edit!

Hope you've enjoyed reading this post! Let me know if you try this design :)



Grace - Picture Polish

Good eveninggggg!

Today i have a right palette cleanser to show you! I absolutely LOVE it! You've probably already guessed by now that its Grace by Picture Polish. I've had this for a couple of weeks now and worn it three times already... the longest was for 5 days! :o I'd been wearing a lot of dark blues before so i wanted something a bit neutral on my nails.


I honestly don't know how to describe the colour of Grace, i guess its between light pink and purple? Its holographic in the sunlight and in the shade the holograpicness turns into silver particles, it looks super pretty both ways!


Just like every other Picture Polish i have this applied absolutely flawlessly, i really can't find any faults with this polish. I love their flat brushes, they allow for very easy application. I'm happy to report that after wearing this for 5 days it hadn't chipped which is really impressive. However on day 5 i did get in the bath and after being in there for about half an hour it did start to peel off, i don't use a base coat so my only guess is that the polish didn't love my nails anymore ;)

Dry Time:

Grace dried super quick!
In fact, i applied it one time and was out the door in 15 minutes to walk the dogs and it didn't dent or smudge! I do use HK Girl topcoat but i always let layers dry 80% before applying another and then the topcoat so you can tell how fast Grace dried!

Where to buy:

You can purchase this polish from Rainbow Connection for £11.50, when its in stock and when the store is actually open :')

Doesn't it compliment my Jumper nicely? :')

I would say this is a good polish for interviews or even for work if you can wear subtle polish. The holographic isn't super strong so its not in your face. I just love it.

So how do we like my new hand pose? The other one kept hurting my hand so i had to change it so my hand was more relaxed. 

Do you have Grace? How do you like it?!

Thanks for reading :3 



My temporary moment of madness.

Hey loves!

So if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen by now that i decided to change my nail shape.. for all of about 15 hours. LOL

Having the nail shape i do, i get frustrated with not being able to do certain nail art which you have to have square nails for, like sunset nails, any kind of scenery nail art, i mean you can still do it, it just looks a bit odd :') So i thought i would try out square nails as my nails were getting long and needed filing right down anyway...

After painting my nails to resemble Fluttershy, it was time to attempt a hand pose.. which didn't go well at all, you can tell i'm not meant to have square nails... at all... It just doesn't work... You may also have noticed that i didn't completely square my nails off and my ring nail was longer than the rest, thats because i didn't want to do them too short and not be able to go back to my old shape because of it! I was so wary of doing this,  anyway, here was the result of my snap decision!

Awful, right? The next morning i went straight back to my old shape... hence why my fingers look battered! I took pictures straight after filing them without evening thinking about how dry the looked, wooooops!

Anyway, its safe to say that i will NOT be changing my nail shape again any time soon, if ever!

The polishes i used for my Gradient were Revlon - sunshine sparkle & Essie - Off the shoulder.. Butterflies were painted using Acrylic and my Pure Color 10 brush from the Stylish Nail Art Shop! :)

Just a short post for today as, its currently 3.46am on Friday morning as i can't sleep... but really should try again as i'm out shopping early! Eek.

So from the past, thank you for reading and i hope you enjoyed todays post :D

I'll be back tomorrow night with a Picture Polish review! Yay!