Halloween nails 2014 - take one!

Hello everyone :)

So uhhh, i know its a little early but, wait who am i kidding ;) its never too early for Halloween!

Right now the Born Pretty Store are holding a Halloween themed contest so i decided to join in and enter! It ends on the 5th October so thats my excuse for doing Halloween nails in September..

And here they are:

I am so pleased with how these turned out, these are the kind of nails i imagine when someone says 'Halloween Nail Art' 

For the Mummy: Base is Angora Cardi by Essie, white is Acrylic Paint, I used my JN Dance 24 brush for the detailing.

For the Pumpkin: Base is Fear & Desire by Essie (isn't so neon in real life..!) Black is Acrylic Paint and i used my Pure Color 10 brush for the face.

For the Ghost: Base is NYC - City Blackout, white is Acrylic Paint, i used both the JN Dance 24 and the Pure Color 10 brushes for the ghost.

For Frankenstein: Base is Barry M Lime Green (over a nude L'oreal polish to make the colour stand out more as Lime Green is very sheer!) Black and White are Acrylic Paints, i used my JN Dance 24 for the eyes and mouth and my Pure Color 10 for the hair. 

For the Vampire: Base is NYC - City Blackout, again. Face background is White, Black and Red are Acrylic Paint, all the detailing was achieved using my Pure Color 10. (Its based off of the Vampire Emoji on BBM :3)

I used my HK Girl Topcoat to top coat everything.

I'm planning on doing another set of Halloween nails for this contest so i'll be posting them in the next few days! 

On a slightly related note, i'm so happy to see Spiced Pumpkin yoghurt and Spiced Pumpkin soup in the shops this year over in the UK! I think Halloween is becoming slightly more celebrated as i've noticed shops stocking a lot more halloween themed items over the past few years. Perhaps one day over here, it'll be as big as it is in America!

The last few winters for me have been very dark and miserable emotion-wise, so this year i'm really planning on enjoying all the holidays so as soon as Pumpkins arrive in the shops i'm going to make Pumpkin Pie and obviously carve one out! I loved my Pumpkin last year - I also love the smell of them!! Another aim of mine this year is to try my very first Spiced Pumpkin Latte - blame me having not tried one yet on the nearest Starbucks being in the centre of Oxford! >.<

Hope you've enjoyed todays blog post!

Thank you for reading 



Cookie Monster Nail Art!

Evening lovelies!

Today i'm showing you some nail art that i'm actually still wearing for once! :o

I while ago i was sent some eyes from the Born Pretty Store to review and because they came in a small bag and are tiny themselves i misplaced them for quite a while, i finally found them two days ago when i was having a sort out. I'd been planning to do Cookie Monster nail art for ages with them so i'm glad i've finally been able to do it!

I'm so pleased with how they turned out, the whole design was unplanned really, i just made it up as i went along. I knew i wanted to include a gradient as i wanted to test out my new sponges. I've been using bath sponges to do my gradients for a long time after trying make up sponges a while back and not getting on with them well so i decided to get some more and try again. I think now because i'm a bit more experienced at doing gradients i can work with the make up sponges better!

So here is what i came up with:

Cookie Monster Barry M Essie Butler Please Nail Art Cookies

What i used:

Essie - Butler Please
Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream
White Acrylic Paint
Black Acrylic Paint
Dark Blue Acrylic Paint
Beige Acrylic Paint
Dark Brown Acrylic Paint
3mm Googley eyes


Make Up Sponge
Dotting Tool
JN Dance 24
Pure Color 10

  1. I started by painting Butler Please on all 5 nails. 
  2. Then on a make up sponge I painted Butler Please and Blueberry Ice Cream next to each other and bounced it on both my forefinger nail and my pinkie, moving it slightly up and down to blend the colours.
  3. Using Acrylic paint in White I made cookie shapes on my middle finger with my JN Dance 24 brush, after leaving it to dry for a few minutes i went back in with the same brush with Beige and Dark Brown Acrylic. I slightly mixed them together on my middle finger over each white shape to create the colour of cookies. Using the Dark Brown on its own i painted on Chocolate Chips on each cookie and outlined them in Black.
  4. Moving on to my ring finger i painted on a white background creating the shape of the Cookie Monster out of the blue already on my nail. I can't really explain how i painted on the outline of the Cookie Monster, i just did haha. I started with the arm and the body using my Pure Color 10, then added the cookie and the mouth and then the outline around the head. 
  5. Using a dotting tool i then made the dots on my forefinger and pinkie in the opposite colours to the gradients.
  6. After that i placed the googley eyes on with topcoat and painted the 'Me want cookies!' on my thumb nail using my Pure Color 10 brush.
  7. The last step is just to top coat everything, i used my HK girl topcoat <3
I wanted to keep these on but couldn't paint them on my other hand, so instead i just painted my other hand with Butler Please and left it at that.

You can get the Googley eyes here, please use the code JMMX31 to get 10% off your order from the Born Pretty Store! All the brushes i used are from here.

I'm just so happy my Cookie Monster looks like the Cookie Monster LOL I love how the eyes work perfectly with him too, they would be perfect for all sorts of Monster nail art, and i'm pretty sure you would be able to reuse them as well. I also found them to be quite comfortable; i haven't been feeling the urge to pick them off! 

Cookie Monster Barry M Essie Butler Please Nail Art Cookies

Thank you for reading!
I'll be back with another post soon, i promise :)



Barry M Gradient with Dot Glitter!

Evening ladies!

I meant to post this on Monday but mother dearest and I ended up going out and didn't get back till late! It must be the week before last now that i did these nails.. silly me didn't take photos until i'd been wearing them for at least 2/3 days so please excuse the regrowth and my horrid cuticles.. i went through a phase of neglect ok...

barry m born pretty store glitter dots blueberry ice cream gelly prickly pear jemmypuddleduck

I'm honestly having trouble remembering what i used for these..These days i normally do gradients over the lightest colour of polish i'm using within the gradient but i didn't plan on doing a gradient and painted my nails white, hence why you can see white at the tops of my nails >.<

For the gradient i used..
NYC - Pinstripe White (as the base)
Barry M Gelly - Prickly Pear
Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream

The dots are from the Born Pretty Store here! I love how they look on this mani, and yes, i did place every single one individually.. with tweezers...(because i'm weird i kind of enjoyed it deep down..) They were $4.36 (about £2.50 roughly) they do come in a small pot but there are lotttttts of dots in there! If you decide to purchase anything from the Born Pretty Store please use the code JMMX31 to receive 10% off your order! :)

As always i top coated with HK Girl.

barry m born pretty store glitter dots blueberry ice cream gelly prickly pear jemmypuddleduck

Anyway, i really liked these, they were pretty bright and different and i'm sure i'll be using the dots in many more ways! Hope you like these just as much as i did and thank you for reading!



Fajita chicken & potato traybake!

Hey everyone!

So for tea tonight I decided to put together my own little creation of all the good food. I only share my very good creations, and this is one of them so it had to be done.

What you'll need to feed 2:

About 10 potatoes peeled and boiled for -10 minutes 
2 chicken breasts
3 pieces of bacon
As much grated cheddar as you'd like to use
Chives/Spring onions (also known as green onions, salad onions, scallions.. There's probably more names too LOL) 
Olive oil
Plain flour
Salt and white pepper
Fajita spice mix (old el paso is my fave) 
Optional - cherry tomatoes

1. After boiling the potatoes until they're slightly hard still drain them and add them back to the saucepan, add a drizzle of olive oil and some salt and white pepper, pretend you're flipping a pancake and flip the potatoes so they're all covered with it. Add about 2 tablespoons of flour (or enough to coat the potatoes if you don't want to get all technical) then 'flip' again until each one is coated nicely.

2. You then want to take a frying pan and heat olive oil or sunflower oil until it's quite hot then add the potatoes one by one with some tongs, cook them until they're golden brown all over (about 15-20 mins on a medium high heat) then remove with a slotted spoon.

3. Using the same pan cut the bacon into tiny squares (add the cherry tomatoes if you're using them) and cook until crispy (not too crispy though as this does all go under the grill!) remove with the slotted spoon when done.

4. Cut your chicken into strips or bite size pieces, add to the oil (you may need to add a bit more over time, then add some fajita spice mix, remove with a slotted spoon when it's cooked.

(If using spring onions, chop them at this point)


5. It's time to assemble everything! Take a roasting tray and scatter the potatoes on it, then the chicken, then plonk on a good load of cheese, mmm cheese. Then scatter the bacon all about (and the tomatoes if you've used them), if you're using spring onions do the same with those too.

6. Shove it under the grill! Then you'll want to remove it from the grill eventually so it doesn't burn ;) if you haven't used spring onions chop and sprinkle the chives over the top at this point!

And you should have something looking like this..

I served mine with a sour cream and chive dip (personally I find it better than just sour cream) and a home made sweet salsa thing which I just constructed as I went along but was something like this:

You'll need; 

10 cherry tomatoes
Sweet chilli sauce
Mild chilli powder
Salt and white pepper

Chop 5 and purée the rest, add to a saucepan, add sweet chilli sauce to taste and some mild chilli powder depending on how spicey you want it, salt and white pepper then mix 2 teaspoons of cornflour/starch with water and add that to the mix, watch it thicken before your eyes and voila a sweet salsa thing.. 

This is definitely a combination of everything I love. If anyone makes it, lemme know!! :) 



Colour Blocking Multicoloured Nail Art

Hey everyoneeee!

I'm really getting stuck with what to call my posts these days. I don't have a very good imagination...

Anyway, last week i decided i was in a proper nail arty mood so i decided to do these babies and ohhhhh boy do i LOVE them! 

nail art barry m claires china glaze fairy dust multicoloured colour blocking acrylic paint hk girl top coat jemmypuddleduck

Polishes I used were:

  • NYC - Pinstripe white
  • Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream
  • Barry M - Prickly Pear
  • Claires - Lovely 
  • Nails Inc - Sugarloaf Sunset
  • MeMeMe - Pensive

  1. After painting my nails white i top coated with HK girl to prevent the white from lifting when it came to sponging the next layer on... after waiting a few hours (to make sure each layer of the white polish was 100% dry) i took a sponge and painted 5 different colours on it in round blobs overlapping them slightly, making sure the area covered was slightly bigger than my nails.
  2. I dabbed the sponge onto each nail gently 'bouncing' it up and down the nail to slightly blend the colours a tad. I did this about 2 or 3 times for each nail to build up the colour a bit.
  3. Then I painted China Glaze Fairy dust on top on my forefinger nail, my pinkie and my thumb! For the black i used acrylic paint and my JN Dance 24 brush, i then applied fairy dust on top of those nails too.
  4. And as always, i top coated everything with HK girl top coat. <3

nail art barry m claires china glaze fairy dust multicoloured colour blocking acrylic paint hk girl top coat jemmypuddleduckI reeeeeeeeally love how these came out! I definitely want to do them again perhaps as a pastel galaxy or something - we'll have to see!

I hope you've enjoyed reading todays post; on Monday i'll be back with a gradient mani :)

Hope you all have a good weekend



Baby boy Nail Art + Floral Nail Art!

Hey m'dears! 

Sorry i've been away for so long, i have been doing nail art i just haven't been in the mood for blogging at all! But today i am so i'm going to show you what i've been up to the last week or so. 

Before that though i'm going to show you the nails i did over a month ago for Oliver arriving, uh yeah, remember way back when i said i was about to become an auntie? I did them way before that! When we first thought he was going to arrive (12th August) so i didn't actually have them on when he did arrive! (I just wish i hadn't taken the pictures after i'd eaten pasta bake!!)

I used Color Club - (pretty sure it was) Blue Heaven for the base
For the actual art I used acrylic paints, my JN Dance 24 and my pure color 10 brush from Stylish Nail Art Shop, you can find them on Etsy! I topped it all off with HK girl top coat. (Which i love if you haven't guessed that already..)

Proud auntie alert!

Oliver was born on the 1st September 2014 at 6.59pm weighing 7lbs 10oz and i'm sure you'll agree he's absolutely gorgeous!

Now moving on to what I did last week, i decided to enter a contest, one that only had a few hours left before ending so i quickly got everything out and produced these beauties:

Floral Orly Charged Up Nail Art
Floral Nail Art
The base polish is Charged Up by Orly, its what i would call a creme dark purple, it takes a good 4 coats to make it opaque and it dries matte then turns shiney!
For the rest i used acrylic paints.

I started by using lilac acrylic paint to form flower shapes, then i used a dotting tool to place the dots in between them, i then did the green leaves with my pure color 10 brush and then i placed red blobs in the middle of the two leaves on all of them, i then took white on my pure colour 10 and drew wiggly patterns to resemble the petals of the roses. And voila! Again i top coated with HK girl top coat. These are really simple to do, they did take me 3 hours but i enjoyed doing them as i hadn't done nail art in a while!

I have a few more posts lined up for this week so hopefully i'll stay in this i want to blog mood ;)

Thank you for reading! 



Glam Polish - Divinity

Hey m'dears,

Just a short post today, i've had this polish for a few months at least and i've been into wearing dark blues and purples recently so i thought i'd use it.

This is Glam Polish - Divinty!

divinity glam polish
In direct sunlight

divinity glam polish
In direct sunlight


Divinity is a really deep purple with silver holographic glitters ranging from tiny to large hexes. As i said i've had this bottle a few months and noticed a tiny bit of separation, at the top there was at least half a cm of the purple base with no glitter in it, the glitter hadn't exactly sunk though as it wasn't all sat on the bottom.


For the first coat of polish i used the bottle as it was, the first coat was mostly purple base with a few tiny glitters in it. For the second coat i stood the bottle upside down for a few seconds (Glam Polishes always flow quickly so it didn't take long for the glitter to reach the top of the bottle when upside down.) the second coat consisted of the larger glitters. For the third coat i let the glitter settle back down. I've found with Glam Polishes there can sometimes be a bit of glitter overload and that theres always one that has to sit right near the cuticle making the line you've made with the polish around that area look really untidy! However, i do rather like the overall look of this polish. Its not as jellified as i expected it to be though. I like to call this one Phenomenas sister as its pretty much a purple version of it. Its easy to apply if you have control over the glitter, its also REALLY easy to remove with acetone unlike some glitters. I top coated twice with HK Girl as the glitters were sticking through the polish a little and it didn't look smooth with just one coat of HK Girl.

Dry Time:

Divinity dries really quick! Thats one thing i'm always impressed with when it comes to Glam Polishes - i know i won't be waiting ages for my polish to dry before i can topcoat!

Where to buy:

I purchased my Divinity from Rainbow Connection for £9.80

divinity glam polish
In the shade

My next post will be on the nail art i did for the birth of my nephew (When we first thought he was going to arrive) I need to sort all the pictures out as i did them nearly a month ago!! 
I'm also hoping to work on some nail art tonight and have that posted on Wednesday! 

Thank you for reading! 



Dance Legend - Holy Diver

Hey m'dears!

Holy moles do i have a stunning polish to show you today! You all need this one in your lives if you love blue, if you hadn't guessed by now its Dance Legends Holy Diver.

Dance Legend Holy diver polish nails nail lacquer varnish

Dance Legend Holy diver polish nails nail lacquer varnish
in Direct Sunlight

Dance Legend Holy diver polish nails nail lacquer varnish
Holy Diver is a gorgeous light blue colour with light reflecting particles which really come alive in the sunlight, it kind of turns into a holographic polish but its so much more! In the shade Holy Diver looks blue with tiny silver shard like shapes in it. This is certainly the most unique polish i own, i honestly don't have and haven't seen anything else like it. Its not holo, its better.


I loved applying this polish. Dance Legend brushes are very long and thin and very easy to control. I didn't have to do any clean up as the brush allowed me to apply it with precision. I think this is definitely a three coater, you could leave it at two coats but for me there were some tiny gaps which weren't quite covered properly and they would just be more noticeable with top coat on. If you really wanted to you could probably use Holy Diver as a bit of a topper on top of a blue base coat. 

Dance Legend Holy diver polish nails nail lacquer varnish
In direct sunlight

Where to buy:

I purchased my Holy Diver from Rainbow Connection for £9.80 and you should too ;)

Tomorrow or the day after, it looks like i'll finally be revealing the baby nails i did a few weeks back. For any of you who don't know, i'm about to become an auntie. Possibly in the next few hours! 

Thank you so much for reading, i've enjoyed sharing this beauty with everyone!