Picture Polish - Electric Dream

Hey m'lovelies!

Ahhhhh do i have a pretty polish to show you today! I've been after this one for AGES and i finally got to order it last week. Emma, from Imagination in Colour, and myself had been talking about this polish a lot, she had it, kept teasing me with it, i didn't have it and i needed it because of her pretty much.. she's such an enabler tut tut. It arrived on Thursday and it definitely lived up to my expectations, its the absolutely gorgeous Electric Dream by Picture Polish! 

Here it is!

picture polish electric dreamColour:

Electric Dream is what i would describe as a beautiful rich pink colour with an orange gold shimmery tone running throughout it.


Applying this polish was heavenly. All the Picture Polish shades i have apply so nicely and this one is no different. The brush just makes the polish glide onto your nails with ease, the formula allows for complete coverage in just 2 coats. (I always do 3 as its my personal preference.) The brush honestly just makes Picture Polishes an absolute dream. Electric Dream dries quickly, i completed my entire mani in about 20 minutes. If you love Pink then you NEED this in your life! I cannot fault it at all, i've had it on since thursday afternoon and its now Sunday evening and its only got a teeny tiny bit of tip wear! 

Where to buy:

I grabbed my Electric Dream from Rainbow Connection for £11.50, definitely worth the price for such an amazing polish!

picture polish electric dream
in the shade 

picture polish electric dream
with flash on
 The sun refused to come out when i photographed these :(

Expect my 'baby boy' Nail Art any day now ;) for any of you who don't know, i'm about to become an auntie!

Just a short post for tonight :) before i go though i do just want to let you know that all my frames at http://puddleduckspretties.bigcartel.com have 25% off currently! Offer ends 31st August :)

Thanks for reading!



Depression Awareness Mani!

Hey Ladiessss!

Today i have my Green mani for Depression awareness to show you. When i saw the word Green i was a bit stumped as the majority of Greens i have are Mint! 

I decided on a Green sparkly polish by China Glaze, coincidently its called Angel Wings.. I then used Acrylic paint in White, Black and Yellow to do the flowers and the detailing. I'm realllllly pleased with how they turned out, i used my Pure Color 10 and JN Dance 24 Nail Art brushes for these, i love them so much i'm even going to keep them on for the next few days. I 

Here they are!

China Glaze Nail Art

I thought i'd make this post worthwhile and tell you my story.

I was bullied a lot at school, from about 3/4 weeks after i started right until the day I left. In year 11 I got so fed up with the constant teasing, humiliation and loneliness that I pretty much stopped going in. This resulted in lots of meetings with my head of year, they viewed it as me being lazy and just not wanting to go to school. The teachers are my school were really useless, the only things they did about the bullies was gave them detentions.. That doesn't solve the problem at all. 

The first time i realised I was depressed was in November 2009, in my next meeting with my teachers i spoke up and said something about it and they completely dismissed it like it was being stupid.  By the time i'd got myself to the doctors, I was going into school even less than i was before and because of that I felt a bit happier so i didn't come across as depressed, even though I knew I was still. I just found it really hard to talk about. So my message to everyone is that, you know yourself better than anyone else on this planet, if you need help and people shut you down, fuck them; don't give up asking for help, make people listen to you no matter what it takes, if you think something is wrong people should take you seriously. I know its bloody hard but it'll be worth it because you can get through it and come out the other side. 

I still have bouts of it now, i'm constantly up and down because my confidence was knocked so much during school and its just moulded me into the person i am today. Sometimes it takes me at least three quarters of the day to get motivated about the tiniest thing. I think its disgusting how long the waiting lists are for counselling and CBT therapy in the UK, but if you can ride the wait out the best you can, the sessions could be life changing for you. I had CBT earlier this year and it wasn't life changing but it did make me realise a lot. 

Whilst i'm here i do just want to say, lets not forget about the other mental illnesses, Depression isn't the only one and there are a lot more out there that are even worse. This is why its so important to listen to people. 

Bipolar, Borderline Personality Disorder, Schizophrenia...Just to mention a few. And you know what, and as long as you aren't in danger, its totally okay to be friends with people who suffer from these horrible disorders, your relationship may be a bit rocky but you could have the power to help them so much. 

If you or anyone you know is suffering from Depression or Depression like symptoms, advise them to speak to their Doctor, there's also Mind and the Samaritans

Anyway, thank you so much for reading and remember, even if someone doesn't suffer from Depression, we're all fighting our own Battle!



Saran Wrap/Cling Film Nail Art (Video!)

Hey ladies!

Got my first nail art video tutorial (i guess) thing for you today!

I'll just leave it below :3

Items used:

Essie - Mint Candy Apple
Essie - Playdate
Cling Film
HK Girl Top Coat

Let me know if you've enjoyed the video :p



Moyra - Light Purple Holo

Evening ladies!

Long time no blogpost eh, I promise i'm trying my best to get back on track, I managed to do some nail art yesterday but i'm keeping that under-wraps for now as its for something life changing thats happening within my family very soon! Uh yeah, Instagram followers will already know hehehe :')

I'll be taking part in the Green mani for Depression awareness this Sunday (17.08.14) after the recent passing of Robin Williams :( Its based on Instagram (#fightforlightandlive)- would be great to see lots of people join in as Depression is so much more common than everyone thinks it is and it can affect absolutely anyone at any stage in anyones life, even if they have everything they could possibly wish for.

As for todays blogpost, I have a Moyra polish to show you, Moyra is 

a fairly new brand to all of us in the UK, when i heard about their £2 sale AND free postage i had to grab myself a few. The thing about Moyra is that they do a tonne of different effect polishes, so i ended up getting a Summer Storm which is a Sea Salt, Giselle which is a Gel Look one and the light Purple holographic which i'm reviewing today. 

light purple holographic moyra polish
In direct Sunlight 

light purple holographic moyra polish
I thought i'd add this fun one in because i like the way it looks haha


This light purple polish is a Linear Holographic.


Oh boy am i impressed with this holo; first of all, the brush, its so long and thin which made for perfect application, no cleaning up required here! Next up we have the consistency, it kind of reminded me of the GOSH holographic polish but it was more polish like if that makes any sense. The consistency reminds me of melted down plastic, which is a bit odd but it was lovely to apply, with just one coat i was pretty much blown away! (Super crappy Phone pic to the left, but even there you can see the holo!)

Dry time before topcoat:

This holo polish didn't take very long to dry, i've had some holos before and they've taken forever but not these! And you can tell when the've dried as they go Matte and then come back to life. Each coat dried within 3 minutes, however i did leave a bit longer between coats just to make sure it was actually dry! Whole mani took me about 15 minutes with HK girl top coating everything.

Where to buy:

You can purchase all of the Moyra polishes mentioned, HERE. (Sale ends very very soon!)

light purple holographic moyra polish
Moyra Light Purple Holographic - in direct sunlight.
As you can see i decided to spruce this mani up a bit, i used Giselle and my Zig Zag Nail Stencils from Nails Redesigned on my forefinger. I then painted my thumb just with Giselle. 
I hope you like these :) i wore them last week and kept them on for a good few days!

I'm super impressed with this brand and will definitely be getting more in the future! I think i need the entire holographic collection...

I promise i'll be back soon with another post! As always, thank you for reading <3



ILNP - Dreaming in violet

Afternoon m'dears!

Today i have another ILNP polish to show you! The wonderful Dreaming in Violet.

I even decided to jazz this mani up! I added black triangles from my Rhinestone wheel that i bought from Claires a while back :3



Dreaming in Violet is a Violet Linear Holographic polish.


I really cannot fault any of my holo ILNP and this one is just the same! They just apply so flawlessly, i really cannot complain about anything. The brush makes applying Dreaming in Violet so easy, the consistency allows it just to glide on. I rarely have to clean up my nails with ILNPs. Since i've been wearing this mani for 3 days i can also tell you that it takes a while for tip wear to start appearing, on my cinderella hand my middle finger has a tiny bit but the rest of them look like i've just applied it. (Photos were taken of my left hand on day 2!)

Dry time before topcoat:

Just like my other ILNPs this dries super fast! I always tend to do my nails before bed and it doesn't really matter whether you use a quick dry topcoat or not, you need each coat of polish to be about 80/90% dry before you apply topcoat unless you want the dented look.  

Where to buy:

Along with all the other ILNP polishes you can purchase Dreaming in Violet from their website for $10.00 (Super reasonable for such a gorgeous holo!)

Dreaming in Violet - In the sun.
Dreaming in Violet - In the shade.

As i've said before in my reviews of Cutie Pop and Charmingly purple, i just adore these holos! And i'm sure everyone else would too.

I'm really going to try and push myself over the next few weeks as i really want to get back into doing nail art. Since i've opened Puddleducks Pretties i've lost touch with it! Anyway, i hope you've enjoyed todays post! :)