Models Own Gradient + Aztec/Zebra Nail Art

Evening ladies! :)

Just sat at my brothers having a bbq but decided to write a quick post as i've been dying to share my new mani with you!

If you follow me on instagram you'll have seen i was doing a new mani yesterday afternoon, here it is all finished

What i used:

Models Own - Hot Pink
Models Own - Peach Melba
Claires - Lovely
Bath Sponge (or any sponge that works for you!)
Pure Color No. 10
Black Acrylic paint

Heres what i did:

  1. I painted my nails with two coats of Lovely and let it dry completely
  2. After that i top coated my nails with HK girl top coat
  3. I then went in with Black acrylic paint on my Pure Color No.10 brush, I must admit i googled Aztec designs for ideas so i could do different patterns down each nail. 
  4. I decided to add some zebra stripes so it looks a bit original/different!
  5. Then i just top coated again.

I really really like these, i was going to stop at just the gradient but in the end i couldn't bare to miss out on an opportunity to mess about with my brushes... again. :')

Hope you're all having a fab weekend!

Thanks for reading m'dears :)



Pokemon Nail art!

Evening ladies!

Recently, thanks to one of my best friends, i've started watching a fair bit of Anime, we've watched a lot of Pokemon films and i've really enjoyed them all. I've been introduced to some really cute little Pokemon so i decided to do some of our favourites on my nails!

This nail art gave me the opportunity to really see what i could do with my new nail art brushes. I've tried doing characters before and just haven't been able to do them with the amount of detail i'd ideally have wanted to do on them. And now i get too! I no longer feel sad when i get the urge to do nail art, because i now know its going to come out half decent and i'm not dreading using detail brushes for canvases. I know i'm not going to be sat their getting frustrated and painting over black lines with different colours to make them thinner. 

Its such a relief! -and breeeeathe- I think it took me about 4 hours to do all 5 nails. I did do them at different times throughout the day though so thats just a guestimation!

I hope you like them as much as i do!!

From L-R: Pokeball, Eevee, Fennekin, Pichu & Cyndaquil!

What i used:

Models Own - Coconut Cream (Yes, my nails smell yummy and look cute :3)

Acrylic paints
JN Dance 24 detailing brush
Pure Color no. 10 brush
HK Girl top coat
Lots of patience ;)
Google ;)
& 4 hours of my life i'm not going to get back but i'm okay with that!

How i did them:

  1. I started out by painting the shape out of each character in white acrylic. (White makes the colours used on top stronger)
  2. Then i filled in the main colours
  3. I then added all the details on top and voilaaaaa!
I'm likely to do another set in the near future with some different pokemon :') I think they're good to practice with as most of the characters can be quite forgiving if you don't get them quite right, like my Eevee. I'm not happy with my pointer at all but at least it kinda looks right.

Just a short post for tonight! I'm currently going through my sims 3 addiction phase and NEED to go and play it for the entire night (no seriously, i didn't sleep until 5am last night...)

I'm sure i'll be back with some more nail art tomorrow! If there's anything you'd like to see me do, leave a comment below!



Models Own - Coconut Cream + Nail Art

Evening lovelies!

Last week I was very luck to win a giveaway hosted by models own, and today my prize arrived! I was so happy to win as I live about 20 minutes from the centre of Oxford and that's the only place near me that sells models own, I hardly go into oxford these days and the last time I was in boots, they didn't have anything I wanted in stock :( so to have these sent straight to my door was an absolute godsend!  (My amazing nail art brushes from Joanna aka @stylishnailartshop on Instagram also arrived too so it was a good nail mail day for me today!) 

I received the new HyperGel gel effect topcoat, Microdots, peach Melba and Coconut cream.

Here's a bit of a bad swatch of a Coconut Cream with the gel effect top coat over the top.

Models Own Coconut Cream nail polish scented


Coconut Cream is a scented polish, and wow it smells amazing! It's strong but not too overpowering and it really smells like Coconut Cream. The above picture shows two coats with top coat. I'm really impressed with the formula of this polish, I thought it might have been a bit streaky but it wasn't at all. It was quite thick but it was still easy to manipulate. However I did find that it started to dry quite quickly so you have to be careful not to go over the same place twice otherwise it drags a little. I expected the colour to literally be white but it's not, it's an off white and it's totally wearable. I love white nails but I feel they're too in your face to wear outside the house so this polish is perfect if you're looking for a wearable white. 

Dry time:

Coconut Cream dries really quick, within ten - fifteen minutes my nails were dry. I then put the gel effect topcoat over the top and disaster struck, even though my nails were super shiny it just wouldn't dry on me, and even when they felt dry, they obviously weren't, if you look closely you can see! (I'm probably too used to my nails being completely i-can-go-to-sleep-now-in-my-bed-under-a-duvet-and-wont-wake-up-with-duvet-prints-on-them dry, in about 10 minutes!)

Where to buy:

You can purchase all of the models own products mentioned today directly from their website HERE for £5 each.

As my new brushes had arrived I had to use them straight away! 

Here's what I did with them:

Models Own Coconut Cream nail polish scented

Models Own Coconut Cream nail polish scented

What i used:

Models Own - Peach Melba
Models Own - Coconut Cream
Black Acrylic Paint
JN Dance 24 detailing brush
HK Girl Topcoat
Claires - Black rhinestone wheel

Here's how I did it:

  1. After applying two coats of Coconut Cream I took Peach Melba and dabbed random dots onto my ring finger with the end of the brush leaving gaps between them. (Same for thumb nail)
  2. I then moved onto the middle finger and painted two straight lines going diagonally across my nail with my JD Dance 24 brush, then I filled in between the lines.
  3. After that I went back to the ring finger and used black acrylic paint to do the leopard print design consisting of c/broken c shapes going around each Peach Melba blob carefully. (Same for thumb nail)
  4. On the middle finger I then took Coconut Cream and dabbed blobs inside the strip of Peach Melba. Then I took Peach Melba and dabbed blobs onto Coconut Cream (I hope you're keeping up ;))
  5. Going back in with black acrylic paint I lined the strip of Peach Melba and did the leopard print design all over the nail again going carefully around the blobs of polish.
  6. For my pointer and pinky I painted Coconut Cream and Peach Melba onto a sponge overlapping the colours slightly, and did a gradient by dabbing the sponge onto my nail moving it up and down a bit when dabbing it. 
  7. Then I placed the black rhinestones on my pointed and pinky, then top coated it all :)
I love these quite a lot but i must admit, i didn't keep them on my nails for long as i want to try more things out with my new brushes!!

Expect a lot of nail art posts over the next week haha!

Hope everyone is having a good week so far :)



LoveMeBeauty - May 2014

Evening my lovelies!

I received my Love Me Beauty box last week and it included nail polish so i felt the need to review it and also the entire box because i LOVE IT! (Skip to the end for the polish review)

With Love Me Beauty you get to choose from a 'menu' of boxes, so you get to see what you're going to receive, i know some people wouldn't like this as it takes the element of surprise away, but i quite like it because you know whether its going to be worth spending your money on/if you're actually going to use the products on offer that month. And, if the option you wanted is out of stock they'll happily refund you if you just send them an email. Each box is £12.95 including postage - pretty standard for a beauty box these days!

I really like the fact that you don't get a storage box/bag with this, i have got so many birchboxes/bags and glossyboxes i could probably build a house with them (ok, slight exaggeration but you get my point!..) All you get with this one is the box its delivered in, a piece of tissue paper and some crinkled paper to pad it out. 

I've seen a lot of people moaning about the Stationary and Teabags this month and how they aren't beauty related but, i actually think its a really nice addition to the box, even if it isn't beauty related. Most people like tea, most people like stationary so whats so bad about it?! 

Here whats i got:

I think we can all agree its a bit of a colourful box this month!

Raw Skincare in Hint of mint - Full size RRP £1.98

If you love after eights, you'll love this. It gives your lips a slight tingling sensation when its on, it moisterises them well but does need to be reapplied every half hour or so Its definitely worth £1.98. but no more than that. 

I haven't gotten around to wearing this yet, i'm not longer a big eye make up wearer, however, if i do wear eyeshadow etc it normally is along the brown/gold lines so i can see myself using the sand/goldie coloured eyeliner eventually!

As for the lip pencil that i shouldn't have actually had in my box - i have already used that as it goes nicely under my recent lipstick purchase; Rimmel London lippie in Vintage Pink.

This is how my experience of teapigs has gone... 

i tried it, i didn't like it.
I tried it, i didn't like it again.
I tried it, i had one sip, didn't like it again, left it on the side and my mum must have tidied it away because, i don't know where it is right now.

Moral of the story: i don't like tea. i never have and i never will, even if it has chocolate in it.

Oh, and the teabag split resulting in nasty things in my cup :(
Now i wonder if i can use these for when i have any nail breaks..

GO Stationary Pocket notebook Set in 'Vintage Ditsy' - RRP £5

I'm loving these cute little notebooks! They're the perfect size for your handbag and the covers are made from thick good quality card, the inner cover also has a corredsponding design, so for example on the polkadot one the inside has small polkadots, i know the majority of us have smartphones with notepads on them these days but theres nothing like writing something down..

Nail girls nail polish nude pink

Nail Girls Nail Varnish in Nude Pink – Full Size RRP £13.50

This polish really surprised me, in the bottle it looks like a nude pink colour, but its very different when its on your nails as you can see below..

Nail girls nail polish nude pink


For the price of this polish i would say the consistency is no better than a regular polish for between £4 and £7.. it took the usual 3 coats to get it opaque and it was a bit streaky for the first two coats. The third coat was the one that evened everything out. The colour is really disappointing, its called 'nude pink' and it even looks that type of colour in the bottle, when in daylight outside its more of a barbie pink! Way too bright to be called a 'Nude' pink. I do wish it looked like the colour it does when its in the bottle, but i do still like it, i just think they could have made a better choice when naming this one! The brush was a dream to work with, i didn't have to clean up at all and it allowed me to get right up to my cuticles without flooding them etc. I've been wearing this polish for two days now and i must admit, i hadn't really done much and i noticed tip wear on the ends so that leads me to believe this polish wouldn't last any longer than 2/3 days.

Dry time before able to apply topcoat:

I was really impressed with how long this polish took to dry. My top coat was over the other side of my room and i was too lazy to get it so i let them dry on their own, 20 minutes and they were completely dry. It dried to a really dull finish though so i ended up top coating them anyway.. 

Where to buy:

You can buy this direct from the NailGirls website HERE.
(There is no way i would personally pay £13.50 for this)

Anyway.. i'm very confused about the colour of the polish.. check out some other review on it and you'll see why!!
You can purchase your own Love Me Beauty box HERE.
I really love my box, despite the nail polish being a bit off colour.. I must admit though, when i was looking at the menu it was the nail polish and the stationary that sold it to me! 

At least i love one of them!

Hope you've enjoyed reading this post!



Recycled Mani Nail Art //Glam Polish - Phenomena

Evening my dearies!

I felt like doing some nail art today, i wanted to keep it simple and i rather liked the idea of simply painting over jelly polish with acrylic paint, luckily i was already wearing phenomena by Glam Polish which i reviewed yesterday!

Heres what i ended up with:

Glam Polish nail lacquer phenomena

What i used:

White Acrylic Paint

Detailing brush
HK Girl Topcoat.

How i did it:

So yesterday i'd painted my nails with two coats of Phenomena, then I top coated each nail with HK Girl, I then took my detailing brush and started painting little triangles on my ring finger and middle finger, filling some of them in. That did take a while but i really got into it!

Glam Polish nail lacquer phenomena

I really enjoyed doing these and think they look really affective, hoping to recreate them next week when i have my new nail art brushes!!

Just a short post for tonight so i hope you've enjoyed it!

Thank you for reading :)


OhOhOh P.s today i won a giveaway hosted by Models Own so i will be reviewing their two new scented polishes, Microdots and their hypergel topcoat when i've received them!


Glam Polish - Phenomena

Hey Ladies!

Super excited to show you todays polish.. its absolutely stunning! Phenomena is a Raspberry based Jelly polish with a whole tonne of silver holographic glitters, ranging from huge hexagons to fine glitters. So much sparkle going on!!

I try not to use a base with Jelly polish, this way you really get the effect that the person who made the polish was going for and wants to share with you. So this is two coats with no base colour, i love it because even though i only did two coats, you can still see depth and that is what Jelly polish is all about for me; building up layers so you can see the glitter underneath the glitter thats on top. And can i just point out the colour... its just ugh, my nails remind me of raspberry cheesecake for some odd reason LOL such an amazing colour though.


I loved applying this polish, there was absolutely no fishing for glitters and i'm loving the new bottles Glam Polish have started using too! The brush seems a bit longer and thinner than the old version. I did find however that the polish dripped from the top of the bristles to start with so i wiped the brush off a bit more than i would usually. With the first coat i just aimed at getting a layer of colour down and didn't worry about the glitters too much, its a good idea though to make sure there aren't any near the cuticle so you can still clean up easily if you have too. Concentrating mainly on getting the glitters into the right places, I used a dabbing motion to apply the second coat, otherwise all the glitters seemed to end up near the free edge!

Dry time before able to apply topcoat:

Because i did the first layer of this polish really thin it dried in literally three minutes, my whole mani was completely dry after 20 minutes, i then top coated with HK Girl.

Where to buy:

You can buy this polish for £9.80 here. (You can still order whilst RC is closed but it won't be shipped until the first week in June '14)

Phenomena in the sun

Phenomena in the shade
I love how it looks so different in the sun and in the shade! This has definitely gone straight to my list of top 10 indies for 2014 (which will be a post at the end of the year haha!)

I would grab this polish before its gone if i were you!

Thank you for reading lovelies!



Claires - Lovely


Today i have a beautiful yellow pastel to show you! I'm super duper impressed with this polish for a few reasons!!

First of all... the actual colour! Its perfect to me, its bright but not neon and its yellow but not too yellow..


For the price i paid for this polish i expected it to be a bit on the watery/streaky side but it isn't at all! The consistency is really good for a yellow, the colour builds up fast, i did three coats which is pretty much standard for me these days but if you have short nails, two coats would be more than enough. I didnt have to do any clean up and i found the brush really helped me apply it neatly.

Dry time before able to apply topcoat:
My nails took about twenty minutes to dry throughly, i applied my second and third coat after waiting 3-4 minutes just to let the polish start to dry so it wouldn't snag when painted over.

Where to buy:

I bought this polish from Claires for just £2.50!!!! Bargain for such a beautiful polish. I think everyone whos a pastel lover needs this! I haven't seen a yellow like this before.

Short and sweet post for tonight as i have Orphan Black to watch before its on again at 10pm tonight! Anyone else absolutely love that?!

Thank you for reading m'dears, i'm sure i'll be using this colour for some leopard print nails soon! I've ordered some new nail art brushes, they should be here by the end of next week fingers crossed! Really looking forward to being able to paint detailed designs without having to try and find a good paint brush beforehand! 



Birchbox May 2014 Review

Evening lovelies!

((If you're here for the nails flick straight to the bottom!)) 

I have something a bit different to show you today, i'm sure by now most of you would have heard of Birchbox, the monthly subscription box. In a Birchbox you get 5 high end beauty product samples sent straight to your door. I've been having the Birchbox on and off ever since they were called the 'Joliebox' They're definitely the best box i've ever subscribed too, i started with Glossybox then went to Birchbox and in the last few months i tried a Love Me Beauty box and a You Beauty box, and Birchbox still comes out on top. I got this months box for £10.00 as i found a code for free shipping! I worked out the total rough value of this box to be at least £25. I absolutely LOVE the box design this month tooooo! So so pretty.

Heres what i got in my box this month:

Birchbox may 2014 review

Aromatherapy Associates oil birchbox 2014 may
Aromatherapy Associates bath and shower oil
I haven't yet tried this product but i'm really looking forward to it! Its got a really powerful scent which reminds me of the lavender spray you can get to put on your pillow if you can't get to sleep well! I can definitely imagine this 'reviving' and waking me up haha! (Funnily enough it doesn't actually contain any Lavender.. its actually a blend of Pink Grapefruit, Rosemary and Juniper Berry!)

Full size: £39 You can buy it here.

beauty protector shampoo daily conditioner
Beauty Protector Daily Shampoo & Daily Conditioner
I am beyond happy i got these two in my box! I'm a HUGE fan of the Beauty Protector leave in Conditioner; i actually use it instead of Conditioner and its become a staple product in my hair care routine. And with the Birchbox points system i've never paid full price for it! I was pleased to find out that the Shampoo has the same scent as the Leave in Conditioner which is TO DIE FOR. Ahhhh. The Conditioner does smell a teeny weeny bit different though! Again i haven't had a chance to try these yet but i can't wait too! (In approximetely 2 hours yay!)

Full Size: £14 each. You can buy them here.

Liz Earle (Packaging was so cute!)
Liz earle hot cloth cleanser birchbox may 2014
Liz Earle - Cleanse & Polish + Hot Cloth

I was also pleased to see this in my box! My mum used to use a lot of Liz Earle products and i remember using this at one point when i was about 10/11 so it'll be nice to use it again now, where i can actually appreciate the product a bit more now i'm older!

You can buy this product here for £13.25.

they're real birchbox may 2014 review mascara benefit
Benefit - They're real! Mascara

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know this is my favourite Mascara ever! Its the only Mascara i've bought more than twice and it does everything i want a Mascara to do! I recommend that EVERYONE gives this a go at least once.

they're real birchbox may 2014 review mascara benefit

I do have two tips for using this mascara though, the first is to wipe off the bristles a little bit the first, say, ten times you use it, because its a brand new Mascara and you don't want to use too much of the product on your lashes it, it'll just make them clumpy and horrible, after a few uses though you don't need to do it anymore as theres less product in the tube for the bristles to pick up. You might think its a waste but, try it, its worth it! Trust me, it'll transform your lashes. Its the best beauty purchase i've ever made and I swear to god if they stop making it i will find the person who took it away and poke them in the eye with mascara wands. We all know how much that hurts LOL

I've seen a lot of people on Benefits Facebook page saying they struggle to get it off and i've found the perfect, relatively cheap product to get it off. The DHC Cleansing Oil mini! Its £4.50 for the smallest bottle and it'll last you months if you only use it for removing this Mascara. You can purchase that here.

Soingé nail lacquer polish varnish birchbox may 2014
Siogné - Persimmon

Last but definitely not least, Soigné Nail Lacquer in Persimmon. When i first saw the colour i was a bit sad as i would have preferred one of the other colours much better but now i've worn it i really do love it. Its also non toxic and they do some lovely colours.

Soigné nail lacquer polish varnish birchbox may 2014


I'm really impressed with this polish, its a lovely rich Orange colour that has great coverage. I only had to do two coats, yet the formula wasn't too thick and if you were in a rush you could definitely get away with just one coat. I didn't have to do any clean up whatsoever so that must mean the brush is pretty darn good haha!

Dry time before able to apply topcoat:
Each coat dried to touch fairly quickly, after the second coat my nails were fully dry in about half an hour.

Where to buy:

You can purchase Persimmon along with the other colours here.

I am so so so so happy with this box! I think i can actually say that its the best box i've ever had! If you fancy having a little box of goodies sent straight to you, you can join Birchbox here

I hope you've liked todays post, i know its something a bit different but hey, it still involves nails ;)

Thank you for reading!


Oh... and just one last picture... my Roxie also had to have a little nose at my box!!


Graffiti Nails - Festival Glitter 3/3

Evening m'dears!

I do hope you've all been enjoying this lovely weather we've been having!! I have the last Graffiti Nails polish to show you today; Festival Glitter! Its such a simple pretty glitter that could easily transform any manicure! I'm pretty sure it consists of just two coloured glitters.. for a moment i wasn't sure if there was three.. so there could be! However i think it is just a purpley fuchsia fine glitter with a turquoise blue fine glitter. You certainly wouldn't have a hard time deciding on a base colour for this glitter! I chose to layer mine over 4 coats of Barry M - Blue Moon.

Nails Polish Graffiti nails Festival glitter
One coat of Festival Glitter over Barry M Blue Moon (Ring finger has two coats of Festival Glitter)


I love this glitter because you can really play around with how much glitter you want on your nails, you can keep it subtle with one coat or go all out with two or even three or maybe just use it for an accent nail. I used a dabbing motion to apply Festival Glitter so the glitters were dispersed evenly (roughly haha) I like how the two coats looks on my ring finger too, you can see a fair bit of depth. If you've read my other two posts i'm sure you know by now that the lid makes for easy grip/control over the polish.

Dry time before able to apply topcoat:

I didn't top coat any of my nails as i wanted to see how smooth the glitter was when it dried and i'm pleased to say its super smooth! They took about half an hour to dry fully.

Where to buy:

You can purchase Festival Glitter here for £3.99

Glitter Festival Nail Polish Graffiti Nails

I love this glitter as it can go over lots of different colours, i know i wouldn't be stood there looking at all 300+ of my polishes trying to decide what to use as a base haha! Its just perfect for sprucing up a plain mani! I also used this polish in yesterdays post/mani which you can read here.

Thank you for reading, if you find yourself coming back every time i post please consider following me! Tomorrow i will be reviewing this month birchbox! :)


*Some, if not all products mentioned, were sent to me for review, all views are entirely my own and have not been influenced in any way.*


Graffiti Nails - Mellow 2/3

Evening ladies :)

Today I have Mellow to show you; the second out of three polishes sent to me for review from graffiti nails.

(Skip to the end if you're here for the Nail Art!)

This is the polish I basically requested from Graffiti Nails and I'm so grateful they sent me it! Now I must admit, I expected it to be a pastel from the photos on the website so I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it isn't! It's a very bright summery yellow - perfect if you aren't a fan of neons but still want something bright (like me!) I did find this a little bit too bright still but found doing nail art over the top really bought the brightness down a few notches and made it more wearable for me personally.

Graffiti nails mellow yellow polish
4 coats of Mellow


As i said yesterday in my review for Cherry Red, the lid on these polishes makes for easy grip and good control over where you're applying the polish! And again, the consistency was really lovely to work with. I had to do four coats of Mellow to get it completely opaque, I probably could have gotten away with three if I'd let coat number two dry a bit more... I accidentally dragged the polish towards the free edge so it wasn't covering the entire nail equally, so the forth coat evened it all out.

Dry time before able to apply topcoat:

I top coated my fingers about 5 minutes after i applied the last coat of Mellow, i forgot to do my thumb though but, i think i might actually start doing that on purpose so i can give you an accurate dry time! My thumb took about 25 minutes to dry completely.

Where to buy/price:

You can purchase Mellow, Cherry Red & Festival Glitter here for just £3.99 each.

Now onto nail art..
i must admit, i was about stumped at what to do with a yellow base, i didn't want to do a gradient because it feels like i've done a lot of them recently(?) so i opted for something a bit different,

What i used:

Graffiti Nails - Mellow
Orly - Elation Generation
Nails Redesigned - Tiny Chevron Stencils
White Acrylic paint
Detailing brush

How i did it:

  1. After finishing my base i gave it time to dry (4 coats of Mellow)
  2. I then placed the stencils diagonally across each nail making sure they were placed similarly. 
  3. Then i applied Elation Generation to the bottom part of the nail being careful not to go over the stencil, i then removed the stencil straight after applying the polish. (Side note: Elation Generation is normally pink but because its over the yellow it looks more orange..)
  4. I left them alone for a few more minutes just so Elation Generation could set. I then painted white acrylic paint to outside the Zig Zags with a thin brush.
I thought i was done here...

But i wasn't! 

I added Festival Glitter to the 'tops' then top coated them and voila!

I didn't think i'd like these as much as i actually do! Its really not something i would usually wear but i'm out tomorrow morning and i'm really contemplating doing my other hand the same.. hmm.. decisions..

Anyway, thank you for reading and i'll be back tomorrow with a full review on Festival Glitter; which i'm already loving by the way!!


*Some, if not all products mentioned, were sent to me for review, all views are entirely my own and have not been influenced in any way.*


Graffiti Nails - Cherry Red 1/3

Evening ladies!

Yesterday i received some gorgeous polishes from Graffiti Nails to review: 

Left to right we have: Festival glitter, Cherry Red & Mellow

I decided to start with cherry red, and boy oh boy is it cherry red! If i had to describe the colour of this polish i would say its postbox red with an orange tone to it! Its a very bright red so it would be great for summer.

Graffiti Nails Cherry Red


I was up for a challenge today - thats why i chose the Red to start with! I think the majority of people find reds a really hard colour to paint without getting it everywhere but the length of the brush made applying this particular Red really easy! The space between the lid and the bristles is quite short so it allows you to have a lot of control over where the polish goes, I think the shape of the lid helps too as it gives for good grip! The polish itself is a lovely consistency thats easily manipulated and the brush, after the usual wiping off process, picked up just enough product to cover the nail in one go. I did two coats to start with but i still had a visible nail line so i had to do a third. So two coats would do for short nails, but long nails would need three coats - no different to most polishes out there!

Dry time before able to apply topcoat:

I let my nails dry for about twenty minutes and by then they were nearly dry, I started to notice a lovely shine to them, I ended up not top coating them because of this! I also only wear polish for one day and then change it so i thought i'd give the top coat a miss for a change. 
You can see the shine i'm on about just below!

Where to buy/price:

You can purchase this polish for a very reasonable £3.99 straight from the Graffiti Nails Website.

Outside in the sun - no flash

Outside in the shade

This polish has really made me want to do some cherry nail art!! We'll have to see what next week brings.. I also think this Red would be the 'Perfect red' for some people! Think lipstick ;) I honestly cannot fault this Cherry Red.

My neck is feeling slightly better so i really want to do some nail art tomorrow with Mellow and perhaps Festival Glitter - i haven't quite decided what to do yet!

Anyway, thank you for reading and thank god its the weekend haha!


*Some, if not all products mentioned, were sent to me for review, all views are entirely my own and have not been influenced in any way.*