Born Pretty Store - Nail Wheel Review

Evening ladies :)

A few weeks ago i purchased this polish from Gosh, i believe its been made to celebrate Superdrugs 50th Birthday (My fave drugstore!)

The thing that made me buy this is the fact that i don't have a pink textured polish and pinks really suit me!

Here it is in all its glory:

Quick Mini Review on GOSH - Frosted Soft Pink

The brush makes it easy to apply, very nice consistency to work with, easily manipulated to where you want it to go, i only had to do 2 coats on my nails. Dries in about ten minutes! Its such a soft pink i think its really work friendly, it looks smart and it has a slight shimmer to it that isn't in your face. The texture isn't harsh, it feels more like soft sugar than sand!

Its such a pretty colour that i had to use it as a base for some embellishments. I received a few products last week to review from the Born Pretty Store, including a nail decoration wheel with 360 pieces that you can get for just $3.86. (Even cheaper if you use my 10% discount code which is JMMX31)

From the pictures i saw of the wheel on their website it looks like there should be a really good variety of bows, flowers, half pearls and strawberry fimo decorations, however the one i received has a lot more bows compared to the others. Despite their being so many bows i'm still happy with this wheel, i'm a big fan of bows so i know i will use a lot of them, they could be used to jazz up a plain nail colour, or some fancy nail art just by placing them on a nail as an accent like I did here in my Easter manicure:

Another example of how i used the decorations

I decided to tackle the tedious job of separating all the decorations so they could each have their own compartment and so it'll be easier for me in the future to get out what i want to work with. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the big flowers are flexible so they'll fit onto the nail bed nicely, however they are a bit big for my nails so at the moment i'm not really sure what i could do with them without them looking odd on my nails. They're definitely for people with wide nails and not narrow ones like mine!


And after it had been rearranged! :)

I decided to use the half pearls and the pale yellow bows along with some dried flowers i got in the post earlier this week to decorate my nails, i used Tweezers and HK Girl Top Coat to apply and stick the decorations on.

Overall i think this is a really good wheel to have in your collection, it offers a lot of different design opportunities and for the price, you can't really go wrong!

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Don't forget to use the 10% discount code: JMMX31 if you make an order!!

Thank you for reading lovelies :)


*Some, if not all products mentioned, were sent to me for review, all views are entirely my own and have not been influenced in any way.*


Bourjois - Rainbow Apparition + Nail Art

Hey ladies :)

For the last few days i've had my nails painted with this polish, i believe its called 'Rainbow Apparition' (Perfect name really!!)

I picked this beauty up in France last year when I was on holiday over there, I don't think it's available in the UK as I haven't seen it in store and I just checked on the superdrug website and couldn't find it! 
If you're ever in France go check it out! I've worn it once before now and it's definitely a textured polish (I had no idea about this when I bought it, I just thought it was pretty haha!) it's super holographic, sparkly, glittery goodness in a bottle! 


I LOVE the brush on this polish!!!! Its shaped perfectly to fit the nail which makes applying this polish literally mess free in less than three swipes! I didn't have to clean up my nails after applying it. 

The consistency is really good for the amount of glitter packed into this polish, it goes on well and it isn't thick, when you first apply it you think 'no way is this going to end up opaque' but it does after three coats, for short nails you would only need to do two!

Dry time before able to apply topcoat:

It does state on the back that it takes '1 second' to paint each nail, this is definitely a lie haha, it takes about 3 ;) it also states that it dries in 50 seconds.. however, it does not. Thats why i ended up using my HK girl topcoat with it, i wasn't worried about having the textured finish for what i was going to do next!

And heres what i did:

What i used:

Bourjois - Rainbow Apparition
Lacquer Lust - Split Personality
Nails Redesigned - Classic Chevron
HK Girl Top Coat

If you've read my previous posts, you'll know how to use the nail stencils, if not click here :)

I've really loved wearing this mani, I seem to have gone through a phase of loving chevron/zigzag manis, i think its time for something different!
Give me luck removing this glitter ;) hah!

Thank you for reading m'lovelies!



Recreating a past mani - Post 1

Hey ladies,

A few days ago i discovered a dupe for the polish i used for the mani i recreated today. GOSH - Kind of Pink is the dupe i found for China Glaze - Mediterranean Charm. I tried my best to capture the correct colour of both polishes but all i kept getting was bright red, when its actually a very deep hot pink. Mediterranean Charm is on my middle finger... The picture below is the closest one i got to showing the correct colour!

Up until the 6th May all GOSH polishes, excluding the frosted ones and special edition, are £1.99 is superdrug!!

Mediterranean Charm on middle finger, rest are GOSH - Kind of pink

I also *tried* taking pictures of the bottles side by side... you can see they're the same colour basically, but the colour isn't accurate at all..

One sentence to sum up GOSH - Kind of pink

Kind of Pink has a lovely consistency, the brush makes it easy to apply and only two coats are needed.

One sentence to sum up China Glaze - Mediterranean Charm

This polish has always been a bit on the thick side, i love china glaze brushes as they're long and easy to work with, only two coats are needed.

Basically, they're as good as each other and i'm so glad i found Kind of Pink as my Mediterranean Charm bottle is nearly empty!

Here is the mani i did with Mediterranean Charm.. 77 weeks ago! When i did it, it was my favourite mani i'd done to date! I was looking through my old nail pics last night on Instagram (or should that be this morning going by the time on my phone..) and thought i might as well recreate it :)

So here is my recreated mani! :)
I decided this time not to put the glitter over the stripes and i prefer this version better!
Definitely new and improved!!

What I used:

  • GOSH - Kind of Pink
  • Black and White acrylic paint
  • H&M Glitter - Jo is in the house
  • Claires Nail Wheel (For the black rhinestones)
  • Small paint brush
  • Washi tape
What I did:
  1. Painted my nails with GOSH - Kind of pink
  2. Placed washi tape over the parts of the nail i didn't want to apply Jo is in the house too, then i painted Jo is in the house over the nail and pulled off the washi tape gently.
  3. I let that set for a few minutes then i painted on my stripes
  4. After that I left it ten minutes before applying HK girl topcoat
  5. Then i placed the rhinestones on each nail with a pair of tweezers.
  6. Top coated again!
Side note: Jo is in the house by H&M is the most holographic silver glitter polish i have ever owned! And everyone needs to have it in their collection ;)

Anyway, hope you've enjoyed reading this post :)



Summery gradient nails + Glam polish - Day Dreamer

Hey Ladies!

Today i have a summery gradient to show you, i'm not sure what made me go for a silky polish and a standard shiney one but, i'm glad i did.

What i used:

Kelly Brook - Unnamed peach colour (Pictured below)
Barry M Silk - Blossom
Glam Polish - Day Dreamer
White Polish 
Bath sponge
PVA Glue
HK Girl Top Coat

Picture of the Kelly Brook Polish as its unnamed!

Quick how i did it:
  1. Painted my nails white
  2. Painted around my nails with a thing layer of PVA Glue
  3. Painted the two colours i used onto the sponge slightly over lapping
  4. Pressed sponge onto my nail dabbing whilst moving it up and down a little.
  5. Did this two more times
  6. Applied HK Girl Top coat
  7. Applied Day Dreamer
  8. Applied another layer of HK Girl

This is only my second time using Day Dreamer - i find it quite difficult to decide on a good base colour as there are so many different coloured glitters in it. This mani wasn't really planned, i just went with it. I only decided to put it on top of the gradient as Day Dreamer doesn't have any Pink or Orange glitters. Click here for my full review on Glam Polish - Day Dreamer. (Apologies for my nails looking icky in that post!)

Short and sweet post tonight as i'm really tired! Hoping to do some proper nail art tomorrow so stay tuneddddd!

Thank you for reading lovelies!


Easter Nail Art!

Evening ladies!

First of all i want to say happy easter to everyone! I hope you've all had a wonderful day :)

I had a lay in this morning, got up at lunch time and received a nice little bunch of chocolate goodness from my mumma! Then my mum and i walked our dogs, came home and had our tea, then we sat and watched Hop! (If you haven't seen it, you should watch it RIGHT now!! :'))

I then just sat and finished off my Easter Day nails.. yes thats right... i left it until the end of the day to finish my *easter* nails...*shakes head*

I had to add a rabbit somewhere after my fail rabbit a few days ago..
i think this attempt is a lot better?! I found a small detail brush lurking in my room so i found this bunny a lot easier to do!!

What I used for my mani:

What i did:

  1. First i applied the Chevrons to three of my nails with tweezers, missing out the ring finger.
  2. I then applied a thick coat of Mod about you (its important that you pull off the chevron stencil straight away so theres no time to wait for one coat to dry and then apply the second!) 
  3. Then i removed the Chevrons and painted my ring finger as i normally would. 
  4. I then top coated all my nails as I use HK girl topcoat and that makes them ready for nail art quicker than me just waiting for the OPI to dry!
  5. After about 5 minutes i went in with the white acrylic and painted the outline of the chevron, i then started my lace design, i think how i did that is self explanatory so i'm not going to go into detail.
  6. I then took some HK girl and dabbed a blob on the ring finger where i wanted to place my bow, using tweezers i placed the bow on my finger and gently pressed it down being careful not to push too much.
  7. After leaving it a few minutes to set i then took my HK girl top coat and painted from just below the bow right off the end of the nail, then i dabbed a tiny bit onto the bow and made sure i covered the entire bow ensuring it didn't look too thick, then i gently painted around the top of the bow blending it all in, the whole aim of this is to not make the bow look like it has a huge thick icky bubble sat on top of it.
  8. Again painting the bunny is self explanatory so i'm not going to go into that either!
I did use an angled eyeliner brush dipped in acetone to clean up the topcoat/acrylic where the chevron is, i felt the need to then topcoat again...So there we go, those are the nails i did for Easter!
Not overly Eastery but nevermind... hahaha!

I'll be back with some more nail art tomorrow! :)

Thank you for reading! 



Revlon - Blue Lagoon + Simple spring nail art

Evening ladies!

So i actually bought this little beauty, Revlon - Blue Lagoon, nearly a month ago!
Thats when i took the first swatch! But yesterday i decided to revisit this polish as its so pretty and i felt like it needed more nail time. (hahahaha)

3 coats of Revlon - Blue Lagoon top coated with HK Girl

Taken yesterday in the sun! Again 3 coats.

I adore this polish so much, it has a very slight shimmer running through it which is so pretty in the sun! It really catches your attention.


This polish is quite thick but you can still achieve thin coats easily, which is really what you need to use when applying this polish. The brush is actually quite thin and long and this makes for easy application, hardly no clean up was required! Short nails could easily get away with 2 coats, but i needed to do 3 to avoid having a visible nail line.

Dry time before able to apply topcoat:

This polish dries quite thickly when thin coats are applied. I started on the second coat as soon as i'd finished the first! I left them roughly 5 minutes before applying HK Girl topcoat.

Where to buy/price:

I bought this polish from Fragrance Direct for £1.25! :o

Bargainnnn! I would say this is a must have for just £1.25...

So after wearing it for a whole day, today i decided to give it a little extra oomph.

You might have guessed that i'm a bit obsessed with the Nail Stencils i received from Nails Redesigned.. so i decided to use the Stripes today!

Heres what i used:

  • Revlon - Blue Lagoon
  • OPI - You're such a budapest
  • A white polish i made (Any white would do!)
  • Dotting Tool
  • White Acrylic paint
  • Thin Stripe Nail Stencils

I started with the accent nail first, i guess the picture is self explanatory! Just make sure you keep the colours from clashing with each other and going into the next space.

After gently peeling off the stripes I did my other nails, I then added dots using a dotting tool and white acyrlic paint to them and topcoated with HK Girl (again..)

I really love these, i hope you do too!
The nail art literally took me 10 minutes to do :)

Thank you for reading!!



Easter Nail Art ft. Weird looking Rabbit

Evening ladies!

Just a quick post tonight, I'm really in the mood for Easter so I decided to do some Easter Nail Art! I used the Tiny Chevrons from Nails Redesigned that I reviewed two days ago for these.

What I used: 
OPI - Mod about you
OPI - Gargantuan green grape
OPI - You're such a Budapest 
Barry M - Lemon
Black Acrylic Paint
Thin paint brushes (eBay/Wh Smiths!)

I started off by painting my nails with Lemon and You're such a Budapest, I then used placed the Tiny Chevron Nail Stencils on all my nails using tweezers, over Lemon I painted Gargantuan green grape and over You're such a Budapest I applied Mod about you, peeled off the stencils and voilaaaa!

I then used black paint to outline the zig zags, and white acrylic to add dots to the purple ones, to paint the bunny I also used acrylics. I started off with the ears, moved onto the face, filled in the ears, then added the eyes, whiskers and mouth.

I topped it all off with HK Girl topcoat :) I would have posted more pics apart from, after i looked through all the ones i took i noticed all of them but this one had a hair across my middle finger :(

I'm planning on doing more Easter Nail Art towards the end of the week so stay tuned :)

Thank you for reading!



Nails Redesigned Review - A England/Color Club Nail Art

Evening ladies! 

Earlier this morning I had a neon green envelope land on my doorstep - I received my first little package to review from Sara at Nails Redesigned!! She sent me a few of her Nail Stencils to try out, keep your eyes peeled because this isn't the first review/mani I plan to do using the stencils I received, i'm just getting started! 

Here is what I received:

Instruction card

Tiny Chevrons and Lightening Bolts

Thin Stripes

Classic Chevrons

Single Chevrons

I'd never used stencils before today so here is the very first design I did using them:


What I did:

1. Using the stencils was very simple, with each order you receive an instruction card so you'll never be stuck on how to use them. The ones i used are the 'Mini Chevrons' on Nails Redesigned store. You simply paint your nails with a base colour, then let it dry completely. 

2. You then use tweezers to take off each stencil and place them carefully on your nails, leaving roughly the same amount of space between each one, this can take some practise but they do remain sticky if you choose to readjust them a few times.

3. Paint the second colour over the entire nail making sure You get into all the nooks and crannies! 

4. Then carefully remove the stencils literally straight away. And tadaaaaah! Jazzy nails! 

I've had this design in my head for a few weeks now so it's really nice to be able to finally see it on my nails! 

Polishes/Extras I used:

  • Rimmel London - Nail Nurse
  • Color Club - Over the moon
  • A England - Tristam
  • Nails Redisgned Nail Stencils - Tiny Chevrons
  • She sells sea shells - Shells and Anchors

From the research i've done, Nails Redesigned are one of the cheapest places to get Nail Stencils and they're always adding new designs to their store, Postage isn't that much at all and my package arrived in 10 days!  

You can purchase all of the stencils shown above HERE.
I suggest you go take a look at the store as there are other designs i NEED to try and i think you'll love them too! (The Anchors!!)

I'm absolutely in love with my nails right now and i really don't want to take this design off, but then i do want too, because i want to try something else!!! Ahhhh the dilemmas of being a polish addict!!

Thank you for reading! :)


*The product/s shown in this post was/were sent to me for review, my opinions in this posts are entirely my own and have not been influenced in any way*


Models Own - Utopia Nail Art + Review!

Evening ladies! (Again, I seem to be starting off all my blog posts like this now haha!)

Today I have Models Own Utopia to show you, I picked this up in town last Thursday as I absolutely love the colour and I don't really have any other nudes like it! It has the slightest hint of purple to it and I think that's what I love about it.

Here's what I used for this mani!

Rimmel London - Nail Nurse
Models Owm - Utopia
Barry M - Rose Quartz  
Nail wheel from poundland!
HK Girl Topcoat

And here's what I created! I love it so much I don't want to take it off and I had to throw in a few more pics for you!

To create these nails I: 

Painted my nails with Nail Nurse, let it dry. Then I did three coats of Models Own Utopia, left it a while, added HK girl and then I took Rose Quartz and roughly painted half the nail with it on my middle and ring finger. I then took my tweezers and placed the little flowers on the glitter, left it a few minutes to set and then applied another layer of HK girl! 

Review on Models Own - Utopia


I expected this polish to be a bit meh as models own polishes are kind of known for the inconsistency with their formulas, but this one wasn't bad! It wasn't as thick as I was expecting it to be, I have similar colours to this by other brands and they all seem to be thick and a bit goopy, I thought perhaps it was something to do with the colour, however, even though it isn't all thick and ick, you do have to be careful with how you apply this polish, it can come out streaky if you aren't careful! It starts to dry very quickly so you really have to avoid painting over the same spot twice otherwise it drags. There were a few levelling issues, I've found most polishes tend to self level if one side is a bit thick, but not this one! I did two coats and thought it was going to be enough but found parts my nails weren't opaque, so I had to do an extra coat. This would definitely be a two coater for shorter nails. There is nothing particularly special about Models Own brushes..

Dry time before able to apply topcoat:

As I mentioned before this polish dries very quick, it only took me twenty minutes to finish all my nails including topcoat and basecoat... So I guess that's a huge plus!

Where to buy/price:

Models Own polishes are £5, you can get them in store at Boots (As of 14/04/14 Boots are doing 2 for £8) from the Boots website and from the Models Own website (6 for £20) 

Overall I was a little let down by the formula but it wasn't half as bad as what I was actually expecting. This is one of my favorite colours out of my entire collection and it's definitely worth £5! I can see myself using this a lot!

Blogpost tomorrow on all the nail wheels & embellishments i got in poundland!

Thank you for reading!



DIY - Frozen Yoghurt Lollies!

Evening ladies,

So today i have something a bit different to show you! We're heading into Summer now and i thought these would be something you could all make yourselves and there is eating something you've made/put together yourself!

I picked up some lolly moulds in poundland the other day and instead of putting liquid in them i decided to put yoghurt instead..

So heres what you need to make Frozen Yoghurt Lollies:

  • Set of lolly moulds
  • Yoghurt in the flavour of your choice - I chose Strawberry & Peach
  • Ice cream sauce/Jam - Jam actually works really well if you like things that are really sweet!)
  • Biscuits - I used 'Crunchie' Biscuits but you can use anything you like! I would have used Shortbread if we'd had any... or Custard Creams, they would both work really well (Totally not thinking of Ben and Jerrys Strawberry Shortcake frozen greek yoghurt..)
  • A freezer! ;)
(You could always add sweets, popping candy, fresh fruit.. its really up to you!)

1. I started by putting Jam in the bottom of my moulds, so it would be at the top of the ice cream when they're taken out. I did also layer jam throughout these but i would recommend not doing that, as when i took them out they broke off at the first Jam layer.. You could always dig a little hole in the yoghurt and add the sauce/jam so the yoghurt is on the outside and will still freeze around the sauce/jam.

2. I then broke/cut up the 'Crunchie' Biscuits!

3. I then added them to the Strawberry yoghurt..

4. Then I layered the strawberry yoghurt with the Jam/Sauce

5. After running out of strawberry yoghurt, i finished them off with peach yoghurt (Actually gives a nice little twist to them) I popped the holders on top and then shoved it all in the freezer!

I left them in the freezer for about 5 hours...


Hope you've enjoyed this post and i've inspired you to grab your own lolly moulds and see what you can come up with! If any of you have a play around and find a combo you really like please let me know as i'll be making a lot of these this summer and i want to try all sorts!

Thank you for reading! :) 
And i'll be back tomorrow with another Nail polish review!