Being an Indie Maker

So todays post is a little different, I wanted to share with you what its like to be an indie maker.

What indie makers do:

Indie makers create individual polishes - often referred to as 'indie polishes', we hand mix/craft/make polishes. We take suspension base from trusted suppliers - sometimes the same ones that mainstream brands get theirs from, then we add cosmetic grade mica/pigments/tinters or/and solvent resistant glitter and bottle it all individually. Some people mix inside the bottle, others outside the bottle. Each to their own, and some people will find whats hardest for others, the easiest for themselves. I'm a mix in a HDPE bottle, squeeze it into polish bottles kinda gal. 

Pros of being an indie maker:

1. Seeing a polish you like and being able to make your own dupe of it for PERSONAL USE.

2. The feeling of people buying and wearing something that was your own idea.

3. Wearing something you've made yourself.

4. Creating the actual product.

5. Designing labels and/or packaging.

6. Packaging and wrapping orders making them pretty and safe to send.

7. The fact that most of us are a one man team and we do near enough the whole process of it ourselves with barely any help from others and just generally being pleased with yourself for being able to do that.

Cons of being an indie maker:

1. People asking for polishes for free.

2. People asking to be swatchers.

3. Family members wanting polish for free. (Hasn't happened to me personally..)

4. Glitter gets, EVERYWHERE... and i mean, e v e r y w h e r e.

5. You have to remember you're working with a solvent - you can't wash things with water.

6. Glitters malfunctioning and having to throw away testers/ones that go wrong and having your heart break a little each time.

Annoying things that happen/kind of cons:

7. When people ask indie makers where their supplies are from. DO NOT DO IT. Do your own research. A lot of indie makers have put A LOT of research into it and so should you if you want to become one. A lot of us are still learning and discovering.

8. Another annoying thing is when people ASK to be swatchers. No, just don't do it. And something that annoys me the most personally is when i get essays on Instagram from people who live overseas saying how much they love my polishes and they don't even follow me and they haven't even liked any of my pictures, its obvious that all they want is free polish.

I am wanting to make a post on how i make my polishes, but i don't want to give everything away to people so i'm going to have to think about it carefully, but i will try and do it in the near future.

Being an indie maker is a very rewarding thing and for a few people, i know it gives life a purpose. (it does for me) To regular people, polish probably just means someones a girlie girl and likes to paint their nails, to an indie maker, polish is their passion and a lot of love goes into their products. 

Its easy to get ahead of yourself and want to release a polish straight away, but you really have to hold back and make sure its exactly how it should be, that the consistency is correct, theirs enough glitter and the colour is perfect. Testing is a must. 

Thats all i can think of now so if you've reached this point - thank you for reading, hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!



Maybelline Street Artist - Alley Attitude

So i purchased this polish along with 'white splatter' from the same range, last week.
It took me a while to figure out what base colour to put this one over..

I went with You're such a budapest - OPI, in the end!


This is one coat of the Maybelline street artist topper, the brush is lovely to work with! The glitter tends to stick to the brush, which make it easy to actually just paint the polish on, not dab it on like you'd normally have to do with glitter topcoats.

The consistency was spot on, just enough product attached itself onto the brush for it to be a one coater. It wasn't thick or gloopy like some glitter toppers can be...

Dry time:
Very quick - only took about 3-4 minutes to fully dry!

Where to buy/price:
You can buy this in Superdrug for £3.99, i think the price is quite reasonable for such a unique polish.

Very easy! Actually easier than most glitter toppers - and i was using nail polish remover not acetone!

I would definitely recommend this topper to everyone!!
Its so unusual and its not your typical sparkly glitter topper, easy to remove and quick to spice up a plain colour.



Top 4 polishes of 2013!

Ahhhh 2013 seems so far away from us now, doesn't it?!
2013 was the year i seriously got into purchasing polishes and my stash has expanded rather rapidly..
So here are my top 4 of 2013!

Fourth Place - Lacquer Lust 'Split Personality'

This is a thermal polish - when its cold its dark purple and when its warm its dark blue! It applies pretty much flawlessly! Two coats and its opaque, its a very subtle holo too. My two favourite colours, the fact its a subtle holo and its a thermal, are the reasons why its in my top 4! (Blog post to come on this polish!)

Third place - Different Dimension 'Today was a fairytale'

This white milky polish is out of this world! I seriously have a thing for dot glitters! Especially purple ones.. this could be a two coater but i like to do three with polishes like this! (the part of the nail hanging over the free edge always needs an extra coat to get make it opaque!!) The bottle contains just the right amount of glitters, they don't all clump to the brush at the same time which means application is quite easy - but you still need to use a dabbing motion to apply it!

Second place - Liquid Glam Lacquer 'Fancy huh?'

I purchased this towards the start of the year and i wore it a LOT throughout the summer!! Its still one of my faves which will definitely be back on my nails towards Summer 2014! A good old shake is needed before you begin to paint and a little fishing is required (i like to make sure each of my nails have each of the different glitters on them) but other than that its very easy to apply.


Now, this, this polish is just uh, words cannot even explain how i feel about it. I had a surprise in finding out this polish is textured! Its an absolute DREAM to apply, the brush is literally my perfect brush ever, its just wide enough to cover my entire nail. It dries fast and its actually really easy to take off too!

I now urge you all to go and buy it and be happy. 

Huge thank you to Jess for sending me it!! <3



Hey Ladiesssss,

So sorry i've been so quiet! Been really busy making polish and having a really messed up sleeping pattern! (Uh yeah, its totally not nearly 4am..)

I should have a 'top 4 polishes of 2013' post ready by tomorrow night for all of you!!

Hope everyone has a fab saturday!