Daring Diva - Persephone

So today I tried out a Darling Diva polish and I am in love! Its so different to everything else i own! And Blurple is the perfect way to describe this polish. As you can see below, one way it looks purple and another way it look blue! Sometimes theres even some pink in there. I did have a little bit of a hard time applying this as it dried really quickly! But on the plus side of that, overall it didn't take long to dry!

I used Oil Slick Cabochons to jazz this manicure up, i purchased them from She sells Seashells for a very reasonable price of £1.15 for 10! They are reusable as well as long as you don't attack them with remover! I think they work well with this polish! They're 3mm x 3mm so they're not gigantic and they aren't annoying on the nail - sometimes if something is too big and sticks up i like to pick at it when i get anxious D:

As always i top coated these with HK girl by glisten and glow! :)



Barry M textured polish! AKA snow.

So a few days ago I ordered this textured barry m polish from superdrug, the only reason I wanted it was because it reminded me of snow and I thought it could be used with some fun Christmas nail art! 

Barry M Textured polish white pearl lady

This is three coats! It applied really well and it dried fairly quickly. Its textured just enough but not too much that it's really scratchy! Actually really impressed by this polish, I've heard some horrible stories over the last few months about recently released barry m polishes and how they've applied/the consistency of them, so I was a bit hesitant in buying this but I'm glad i did and it's restored my faith in a brand I've used for years! :) 

You can buy this polish here.

Edit: I added snowflakes!

snowflake nail art barry m



Chubby Owl Polish - Blitzed Unicornz

Is it bad to write a blogpost on one of your own polishes?

Oh well ;)

This is one of my personal faves from my own line of polishes - Chubby Owl Polish. 

It's a white jelly with fine gold glitter and purple, green and blue matte pastel hexagons, even though this polish is white, the pastel glitters and the fact it's a jelly polish, make this one quite a subtle white polish! 

I applied the first coat, let it dry for a few minutes and then applied the second, I haven't ever used this as a selling point but my polishes do actually dry very fast! I find this handy as I paint my nails late at night then go to bed hah! I topped them with HK girl top coat by glisten and glow. 

Blitzed Unicornz Chubby owl polish

I love this polish so much, pastel colours have become a favourite of mine over summer and even though we're heading into winter I still love it and I think I'll be wearing it quite often... It's already been on for two days! 

You can purchase this polish here.

That's all for now!


Glow in the dark nail art!

Last night I made an impulse decision to do this design on my nails! Base polish is from my own line - chubby owl polish in Marshmallow magic, a creme glow in the dark polish with blue hex, fuschia hex and holo hex glitters all in a very pale pink base. I didn't top coat as I wasn't sure if I liked it enough to keep it on for long and my top coat is precious! (lol)

And as they glow.. Here's a glow in the dark shot 

And here's pics without the nail art! 

You can purchase this polish here.

That's all for now