So I'm not usually bothered about Halloween but I think the Americans excitement over it has rubbed off onto me *cough cough* elana *cough cough* and so I couldn't resist doing a few Halloween manis! 

I used a polish by ggcouture called 'cwtch' and I believe it was a custom one that my friend Jess' (yep she's welsh!) had made for us! It's dragon blood scented as well and it smells amazing! I could smell it straight away without even having to get really close to my nails! (The second picture was taken before I'd cleaned up and it was the only picture I took before I removed them so please forgive the messiness!) the black is just acrylic paint. 

Next up we have these:

I used black out by Rimmel and OPI - diva of Geneva for the gradient nails, I then added webs with white acrylic. The Dracula nail is NYC pinstripe white and black acrylic and the pumpkin is an orange by Leighton Denny that I cannot remember the name of (and it's downstairs and I'm upstairs!) all top coated with HK girl topcoat! 

Gradient nails before I jazzed it up and added the Halloween nail art! Black is an absolute bitch to clean up, i even scrubbed my nails with the cute little froggy nail brush elana gave me but it still didn't want to budge!

That's all for now folks! My cuticles are going to have a nice little pamper sesh now... 



So many indies, not enough nails...

So on the 22nd October I had a birthday package arrive from my dear from Jess! Inside were 3 new indies!

Two from indie makers i'd never tried! UK based indie maker Tara Talons and one from ggcouture! And the third is by Disturbed potions called wet spot (Major lemming!)

The day after my birthday I had the polishes I'd ordered from Disturbed potions turn up :) Talk about a late birthday treat haha! (Also the hair chalks arrived as well :')) 

I ordered Sweet twat, Amazeballs and Rubbed raw! I ordered these just before their progressive sale started so the lovely Annette included a hello kitty soap, raw raw Shea butter sample and a mini called love potion 69! How lovely is that?! 

The soap smells lovely and I've been using the raw raw Shea butter on my cuticles and it's extremely moisturising! Love love love it. 

I can't wait to test out all my new pretties!! I also got some non indies so here's a picture of them all together: 

I have to say I had a lovely birthday even though everything didn't go quite to plan..


Starrily - Lava Lamp/Unicorn Chronicles

Starrily Unicorn Chronicles Lava Lamp Nail Polish Varnish Thermal

I ordered two lovely polishes from Starrily a few months ago and had them sent to my amazing friend Elana who lives in the states. She then sent them in the birthday package she put together for me which arrived the day before, yes the day before my birthday! Epic timing right there.

I got so many new indies for my birthday I honestly didn't know where to start but I figured I would use these two first, I'm not sure why, it just happened hahaha. 

Lava lamp is a thermal polish, it's not the first thermal I've used though, I once bought one from the born pretty store and I wasn't pleased with it at all as it was very watery and didn't want to apply like a normal polish so I gave up and threw it away! But Lava lamp is a million times better and I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

I applied the first coat and it changed colour instantly to a pretty fuschia on my nail bed and towards the end of the nail it was a deep purple. 

I let it dry and applied a second coat, it dried to a matte finish. I then went ahead and added their unicorn chronicles glitter topper over the top! I'd been eyeing up this polish on their website for months and months! And now it's here on my nails I love it so much. One coat was enough as well and there was no fishing for any of the glitter and I didn't even have to use the dabbing motion to apply the glitter.

Going to blog about all the indies I got for my birthday and the ones that I purchased, which arrived the day after, later this week! :)