Revlon and Chevrons.

So tomorrow I'm heading into town with my auntie, obviously us nail addicts have to have our nails painted before we leave the house, so I thought I'd have a play around and try a new technique and maybe use my new neon pastels by color club that are exclusive to birchbox...

First I thought I'd try the bubble technique. I painted my nails in Revlon - Sugar glaze (scented like marshmallows mm) i then tried some light pink bubbles over it.. Then I realised it would probably be best to have white nails as it didn't show up too well in real life. 

So I removed Sugar glaze then painted them using the color clubs. On my fore finger/pinkie is 'pardon my French', middle finger is 'London calling' accent nail being a freehand Chevron using 'reign in Spain' and 'Mod in manhattan'.

I absolutely adore the consistency of these polishes. They're not too thick and not too thin, needs two coats but they also dry super fast so you don't have to wait too long in between. I used Seche Vite to topcoat my accent nail, the rest I didn't topcoat. (Silly me forgot to photograph my nails before I lemony fluttered them) 

These polishes are only available on the birchbox website, £10 for 4 minis. They're really worth it, I think anyway ;)

Anyway I need to go and fix the messy chevron on my Cinderella hand. So that's all for now :)



Must. Stick. To. Blogging.

So about half an hour ago i posted on my IG that i am going to start a blog, properly, for real, regularly writing posts, honestly. For real. I'll be covering nail related stuff, crochet projects, and life events.

So, it starts right here. 
Right now.

I was just having a good old google search and came across 25 nail polish/nail related questions so, we'll start with those:

1. How often do you paint your nails?
Depends what mood i'm in, sometimes it can be once a day, twice a day, three times a week, right now, its about three times a week.

2. Are they painted right now? If so, what color?
Right now my nails are painted with Bourjois Rosé Merveille topped with Liquid Glam Lacquer Fancy huh?
3. What’s your favorite color to paint your nails?
Probably pastel colours! Love pinks and purples too.

4. What’s your favorite kind of nail polish?
I adooooore China Glaze, Essie and Color Club.

5. Do you keep your nails clean and trimmed all the time, or just sometimes?
All the time! I think if you have clean, neat nails, it gives a good first impression!

6. How often do you get manicures?
I never 'get' manicures, always always always done by me. I'd actually hate someone else doing my nails D:

7. How often do you paint your nails on your own
Every time i paint my nails :')

8. Have you ever tried to do any crazy nail art, like animals or ombre nails?
My IG followers will know i have ;) i love gradient nails.

9. What nail art do you wish you knew how to do?
Well I pretty much know how to do everything 'nail art' related its just actually doing it, but something that isn't your standard nail art, that i would like to do one day is have a go at/and perfect acrylic flowers/bows etc. 

10. Are your nails long or short?
Right now they're prettyyyyy long, sometimes they'll get to a certain length and they'll look long to other people but to me they'll be short still so i really have to take a good look and even ask people if my nails are 'too long' hahahaa.
11. Do you bite your nails?
I used too. I then went on holiday to Germany in 2007 and they grew so quick i stopped biting them and painting them instead, the urge to paint them overtook the urge to bite them. I wanted nice little canvases all of a sudden. I still remember the first colour i painted my nails that holiday, and that was Cobalt Blue by Barry M and geeez did that stain. :/
12. What color would you never paint your nails?
Hmm probably like, brown and neon yellow. Those two colours would look awesome as part of a manicure but each nail? Naaaah.

13. What do you think is the best nail polish color for summer?
This summer particularly, i'd say pastels and neon pastels! I love my Wanderlust Color club collection right now and my Lime Crime polish in parfait day!
14. Have you ever worn stick-on nails?
At halloween, once. They had spiders on them and they glowed in the dark (How cool was i?!)

16. Have you ever gotten tips?
Once on one nail hahahaha. I went bowling in 2009 (what the hell was i thinking?!) And i broke my thumb nail off completely, it was so sore i had to wear plasters over it and i was doing my SATs at the same time, it was also on my right hand.. i'm right handed so that wasn't fun. After it had grown out a little i went and had a tip put on it. That lasted about 3 weeks and then i cut the other nail down to match. 

17. French manicure: cute or gross?

18. How often do you get pedicures?
I never would, i never have, i never will. I will also never do them. Ever.

19. Are your toes painted right now? If so, what color?
Ha, funny you ask. One foot is, one foot isn't and i feel SO UNEVEN. I can't get the other polish off till i redo the nails on my hand though, we all know what polish remover is like.

20. Do you ever wear fake nails?

21. Do you ever match your nail polish to your outfit?
Depends how you mean 'match' as in, taking parts of the outfit, like a pattern or colour and doing them on your nails? Then not really, maybe with a colour yes but not a pattern.
22. Do you think it’s weird when guys get manicures?
Not really! I'd happily give a guy a manicure, hell i'd even paint his damn nails if it makes him happy.
23. What’s cooler: leopard print nails or panda nails?
Hmm, i don't friggin know. Pandas as accent nails with the nails another colour would be lovely, and i also like leopard print nails so ner i don't know.

24. How much nail polish do you own?
Over 250 bottles i'd say!
25. Whats the most money you would spend on nail polish?
Lets change that too, how much money have you spent on one bottle of polish?
Its not actually very much lol, it was my OPI Black spotted and that was 13,90 euros. So about £11.

Soooo there we go. I think my next post will be on how i overcome biting my nails (all the deets) and my nail care (kind of) routine.

Until next time