Top 5 nail/hand products!

Second post in one day! :o Seeing as today is the last day of the year I thought I would do a top 5 hand/nail products post!

So here goes...

5: Metal cuticle pusher

Back when I was putting together my mums christmas present i grabbed two of these, for 99p each you can't really go wrong! I'd wanted one for ages and it suddenly sprang into my mind to search ebay for them! I was using a plastic/rubber one before and felt that something else could be doing a lot more than what i was currently using. Orange sticks tend to hurt the cuticle area a little when pushing back because its only doing a small area at once, yet because the metal one is the same size roughly as your nail bed and its shaped the same it pushes the whole area back at the same time therefore it doesn't hurt! The other end of the tool is a scraper thing (i think) which is handy for scraping dead skin off the nail after its been softened with moisturiser. 

4. Acetone

I know i know, not really a special product or anything but I LOVE ACETONE and i've only just started using it in the last few months so i had to have it as one of my top 5. It has made my life SO much more easier!!! And before people jump in with their thoughts of 'Acetone is really bad for your nails/cuticles' no, its really not. Not if you moisturiser before and after using it - or even keep the moisturiser on whilst removing polish! The condition of my nails has not changed since i've been using acetone. It attacks the glitter and what would normally take me half an hour to remove, now only takes 5 - 10 minutes! I have found that it does like to make cotton pad fluff stick to my skin and sometimes it makes my skin go white but i just wash my hands afterwards and they're back to normal again!

3. OPI Avojuice

I made my mum a little hand/nail care kit for Christmas, and this was another thing i discovered on eBay whilst putting it together, I'd wanted to try Avojuice for a while but always thought the big bottles were too expensive, and as i suffer with eczema specifically on my hands i didn't want to spend a lot on something that could make that flare up again. (I'm weird, with eczema you're supposed to moisturise more but i've found doing that actually makes it worse, like i'm feeding the fire..) I bought mine from here: eBay

2. Lemony Flutter

I know a lot of people rave about this but its seriously one of my favourite products - even though it has gone up in price -.-
Last year i'm pretty sure it was around £5.25, now its £6.50... but a whole tub lasts me a year so i can't really complain! I've just started on a new tub and i'm pretty sure they might have changed the formula of it.. its a lot more like butter now! And it seems to melt quicker into an oil. I love putting it on before i sleep, it smells so good (just like lemons - but not so bitter.) and by the morning its all soaked in. Obviously you can buy Lemony Flutter from Lush in store.. or you can buy it off their website!

1. HK girl top coat!

I ADORE THIS TOP COAT. Its honestly the BEST top coat I have EVER tried. Once you go HK theres no going back!.. okay so that didn't really have the affect i was going for but you get what I mean!! For ages I raved and raved about Seche Vite - I absolutely hate it now. I was paying for the whole product yet I was only able to use just over half of it! HK girl topcoat is different but the same as Seche, if that makes any sense; with the HK girl you don't get any shrinkage and the bottle doesn't go gloopy when its half empty, its also super shiney and takes roughly 5 - 10 minutes to dry completely - as in hard as a rock dry... as in, you can go to bed and not wake up with the duvet imprint on your nails! I purchase my HK girl topcoat from Rainbow Connection

I hope everyone has a lovely New Year's Eve whatever you're doing! Can you tell i'm just staying at home?! Hahaha
Hopefully 2014 will be a better year for all of us :)


F.U.N Lacquer - DECENTber

Evening Ladies!

Hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas! I find these days in between Christmas Day and New Years Eve a bit boring, i end up calling them the lost days! 

FUN Lacquer DECENTber

I received this polish for Christmas and it's just the perfect Christmas red!


This was three coats - could have got away with two! Application was really easy - no clean up required all thanks to the shape of the brush!


The consistency was just right! Thats all i can say really!

Dry time:

These dried fairly quickly! I left a few minutes between each coat too!

Where to buy/price:

You can purchase this polish from Rainbow Connection, although its from the Christmas collection so i don't know how long it'll be round for!


Very easy to remove! Actually removed this with nail polish remover (with acetone) Although it did stay my nails quite a bit :( 

Happy to say they're back to normal now!! 



Le Femme - Purple Glitter

- Found this Blogpost i wrote a few days ago that i hadn't published!
Enjoy ladies.

Yesterday I had some lovely nail mail! (Wednesday) I'd ordered two La Femme polishes off eBay after seeing a really gorgeous swatch of the polish below! I just needed it.

How pretty is this?! :o



The brush on these polishes is quite long so it can be a little difficult to work with at the start, its best to use a dabbing motion with this polish because its a jelly with glitter in it, if you apply it like a normal polish, one without glitters, the brush will just drag all the glitter off and leave a purple jelly colour on the nail. Two coats and this polish was opaque, it will look patchy on the first coat but after the second it looks lovely!

A tiny bit on the thick side - i think thats because of the glitters, it started to dry quite quickly too so you can't play around with it too much but as long as you dab and work quickly it'll come out looking good!

Dry time:
Like i just said, the polish does dry quite quickly - its better to leave a while between coats with this one due to the polish being so thick - just to make sure its throughly dry!

Where to buy/price:

I purchased this off eBay for 99p!


Very easy with acetone! As always, because its a glitter, i soaked the pad and pressed it on my nail, let it a little while then pulled straight off the nail so i don't get glitter all over the place.

Overall i love this polish! Might layer it over a dark purple soon, just to see what happens :)



China Glaze - Frostbite

Last year I received this as part of my Christmas Package from Elana! I thought i would dig it back out this winter as my nails are more established now, shape and length wise, and thought it would look pretty lovely on them! And i think it does?! Its a gorgeous blue and i have no other like it. 

Well this was three coats, opaque at two coats on the nail bed, three coats off the nail bed. I quite like China Glaze brushes too, they're just the right length and hold enough polish after one dip for one coat of the entire nail, i didn't have to clean up these nails when i'd finished too, mainly because of the brush.


A little on the watery side but still only take two/three coats to be opaque! I do just want to note that this polish REALLY smells when its on your nails!! 

Dry time:

I've found all China Glaze polishes tend to dry within 15 minutes. I left these for ten minutes then topcoated with my HK girl topcoat.

Where to buy/price:

You can purchase this from:

Very easy to remove with either acetone/remover!
As long as you've resisted the temptation to add glitter ;)

Ahhh nearly the weekend again ladies! ONE MORE DAY! This week has gone fast and its the last weekend for christmas shopping! I'll be back next week with a new post! 
Enjoy your weekends :)


Puddleduck nail posts facebook page!

Just wanted to let you all know what i set up a facebook page for this blog.


If you're interested in knowing when i blog etc, please like it!

Thank you!


Nail Rock London - Velvet Nail Kit

I received my Birchbox earlier this week and received the Nail Rock velvet nails kit. I was actually really looking forward to trying this out - i've purchased flocking powder used to create 'fluffy' or 'velvet' nails before but they never quite looked right.

Nail rock london velvet nails

Lets start with the packaging! I like the fact you can see what you get with the kit through the little window. This is how its packaged, incased between two pieces of plastic - handy as it doesn't all fall out of the box onto the floor when you open it.. yes, thats happened to me before..


    Nail rock london velvet nails

So you get a nail polish in 'Navy' the Velvet powder (Not actually sure if its flocking powder?) And a little instruction booklet in all different languages.

Nail rock london velvet nails

Nail rock london velvet nails

The velvet powder looks so fluffy and soft, and feels soft too! The colour is a true Navy blue.

Nail rock london velvet nails

Nail rock london velvet nails


I painted my nails twice with the nail polish, the brush was lovely to use and because of that i didn't have to clean up.


The polish is a little on the watery side but it doesn't matter too much if you're going to use it with the powder, two coats and its opaque! After the second coat I dipped my whole nail into the pot after tapping the pot gently to the side so i could lay my nails flat into the powder to make sure the whole nail was covered in one go. 

Dry time:

When I did the second coat I alternated between painting a nail then dipping it in the powder so the polish didn't dry before i had a chance to dip it! The polish dried fairly quickly so by the time i'd painted all ten nails i started on the second coat.

Where to buy/price:

These kits are £6.99, i think the price is pretty good for what you get - A nail polish matching the exact shade of the powder.

You can purchase them from these places:

They don't just do velvet nail kits, they also do sequin, caviar and glitter kits, Nail Wraps, Lip Tattoos and 3D Nail art charms.

I believe ASOS also sells some of those products/kits, and i've also seen the Nail Wraps in store in Boots - if they're anything like ones i've tried before they can last up to three weeks if you apply a new layer of top coat every other day, and of course, if you don't mind the nail growth!


This nail art only stayed on my nails for about 20 hours.. the picture below was what my nails looked like after 4 hours and in that time i hadn't done much - i did have a bath and the velvet dried and went straight back to being soft and fluffy, that definitely impressed me. To remove, you just use acetone/remover like you normally would and it came off very easily.

It may come off easily but it did stain my cuticles.. :(

Overall i'm impressed with this kit, but i did find the extra velvet particles that accumulated round my cuticles/fingers very difficult to remove. I even washed my hands to make it budge but it didn't. 

Top tips:

Use an old paint/make up brush to brush off excess powder after dipping.

Aim to wear for only 24/48 hours.

Use acetone to remove. Soak cotton pad, press down on nail and pull straight off, fold pad and repeat to stop the polish/powder from spreading all over the place - less likely to stain cuticles.



Christmas Nail Art

Ahhh I got to the point where christmas nails HAD to be done! I was inspired by a lottttttt of fabulous nail artists on Instagram. 

Candy Cane:
I used NYC - Pinstripe white for the base, i then gave it a coat of white acrylic paint (i'm not sure why i do this - i guess its a personal thing?!) I then painted the red stripes on freehand in an unamed color club - i believe its the red scented one from last years winter/christmas collection - it smells of mince pies!

Christmas tree:
For the background i used Hello Kitty Polish - Shop teal you drop, I then painted on the christmas tree with green acrylic, i placed a holographic star at the top of the tree and then added snow to the branches, again using white acrylic paint, i also used that for the snow.

Santa Claus:
I started with his hat - i actually based the entire santa off some Christmas present labels my mum purchased from the 99p shop! All of the details are done with acrylic paint and a fine paint brush.


Background is also from last years color club winter/christmas collection, a scented purple polish - smells of brandy, nom! The snowflake was painted freehand with white acrylic.

I topcoated all my nails with HK girl topcoat to make them super shiney!

I'm so grateful for all the feedback i've had on these nails, they took me 3 hours to do so they were definitely well worth it. I just wish my polish obsession allowed me to wear them for a few days..

Hope you lovelies have had a good weekend! 



Rimmel London - Diamond dust.

I must have purchased this at least 10 months ago.. maybe even a year ago! I just know that i absolutely HATED this polish.
This is Rimmel London Precious Stones in 001 Diamond dust!

Its funny how my opinion on this polish has changed.. I bought it before other textured polishes had been released, like OPI liquid sand and Barry M textured polishes, and felt it wasn't right to wear something that looked like this because back then to me, polish had always been shiny! I hadn't even used a matte polish/matte topcoat. I think thats why i hated it so much, and now textured polishes have become more popular wearing it doesn't feel so out of the norm! Now i know it isn't advertised as textured - but it definitely is, it really reminds me of a rough cut gemstone. Because its mainly matte it allows the holo glitters to really stand out to their full potential. I think this would look amazing with topcoat over the top as well! 

This was three coats, it was a little tricky to apply, i'm not a huge fan of Rimmels brushes as they're quite wide and just difficult to work with. 

The consistency was a little watery and it took 3/4 coats to get it opaque!

Dry time:
Because this polish has a textured finish it does dry quickly - you can tell when its dry as it slowly goes from shiny to matte.

Where to buy/price:
You can buy this in Superdrug/Boots for £3.99, i think the price is quite reasonable for such a unique polish.

It was quite easy to remove, apart from the glitter liked to go EVERYWHERE, all up my fingers and under my cuticles which i hate and i'm forever terrified of pushing glitter into places it shouldn't be and getting infections, so i always try to place the cotton pad soaked in acetone/remover on top of the glitter and pull it straight off the nail after holding it there for a little while, i try not to scrub back and forth unless whatever i'm trying to remove is closer to the free edge side of the nail!


Kelly Brook Nail Polish - i think its called 'imperial march' - not sure!

Last week i went into New Look to take a few things back and the Kelly Brook polishes caught my eye near the checkout, this pinky red colour caught my eye and i had to get it - i was expecting it to be more pink on my nails but its just a very pretty red. All my reds have either dried up or gone gloopy and theres only one place for them so you could say this is my only red..

kelly brook nail polish imperial march

This was three coats, if you have short nails you could probably get away with two but with longer nails that go over the free edge, two coats didn't quite make the colour opaque on the part that hangs over so three coats are definitely needed!

Personally I enjoy worker with a thicker polish than how this is, but it wasn't too bad and i can't really complain for £2.99...

Dry time:
I think if i hadn't used my HK girl topcoat after 10 minutes of painting these i would have been waiting at least 20 - 30 minutes for them to dry. I had to leave a good 5 minutes between coats!

Where to buy/price:
New Look, instore - i looked online a few days ago and they had them on their site but now they've disappeared!
They are £2.99 which isn't bad at all for what you get - they don't smell funny and they don't stain either!

I added a glitter gradient to these nails, i used an unreleased polish from my own brand, Chubby owl polish called Crystal Rose. It will be available to purchase on Boxing Day here.

I'm so relieved its Friday! I get to go shopping.. heres hoping i don't buy any more polishes..



Fat Puss Polish - Pastel Pedigree

I just want to start by saying that even though Jess creator of Fat Puss Polish is one of my best friends, all my thoughts i'm about to type are completely my own and she has not bribed me with friendship, polish, money, or food.

So now we begin, Jess showed me a sneaky preview of this polish probably over a month ago and i instantly fell in love! I seriously have a thing for purple and pastels so this polish was literally made for me hah. So this is Pastel Pedigree a gorgeous, just darker than lilac, polish with small assorted pastel glitters. 

This was three coats, two would have been enough but silly me smudged a nail :/ 
it dries quickly too so i wasn't waiting long between coats!

Not too thick and not too thin! I wasn't fishing for glitters and i didn't have to use the dab method to apply this polish either.

Dry time:
As i've already said this polish does dry fast and like me, for most people this is definitely a plus!

Where to buy/price:
Fat Puss Polishes are a reasonable £5.50. At the moment this polish is no longer available to purchase, but you can see what other polishes Jess has on offer here

Here are some other pictures of polishes by Jess!

Its not a kitty, its a unicorn.
Lucky black cat

Russian Blue

Pink Persian

How do we like the new way of me blogging/reviewing polishes?!
I figured it might be easier for you to get information quicker than reading chunks of me rambling, anyway we're half way through the week - yay! 

Hope you all have fab wednesdays!



Nina Pro - Sequin Pink

A few days ago i received my christmas package from my lovely friend Jess! 
She gifted me this beautiful Nina Pro! I was totally new to Nina Pro up until last year in October when Jess gave me my first Nina pro + two Nina pro neons! I love everything about their polishes. The brushes are flat and just wide enough to cover most of the nail in one swipe! The consistency of the polish is also just right, i can't see these going gloopy anytime soon! 

Anyway, back to this polish! I had the pleasure of finding out this polish is textured! Its not advertised as textured, but it definitely is! Now i'm going to try and explain this the best i can, because its textured its pretty much a matte polish, so it allows the glitter to sparkle so beautifully when the light hits it! Feels like my nails are encrusted in sparkly diamonds!

nina pro sequin pink

This is two coats and no top coat! I highly recommend this polish, i really cannot fault it! Its also fairly easy to get off, I use acetone to remove polish. But i think regular remover would get this off quite easily too!! You can purchase it here for £4.19 which i think is very reasonable for this! :')

Got a couple more polishes i received from Jess to blog about over the next few days so stay tuned for more :D



Vintage rose nail art... That took me 3 days to complete...

So I started this mani on Saturday evening, after I took my different dimension polish off.

I applied OPI - mod about you. A gorgeous baby pink with a hint of lilac:

I then added stripes and kind of vintage style roses... 

I painted the stripes using a thin brush and white acrylic paint, I then topcoated my nails in case I went wrong on the next part, it makes getting the acrylic off a little easier! Then after they'd dried I painted the base of the roses, then I went in with a light pink acrylic and painted connecting flowers inside each rose. After that wherever a petal connected to another petal I took red acrylic and cut off the connection.

These are fairly easy to do and didn't take me long at all :)



Different dimension - Today was a fairytale

So a few days ago I received my order from rainbow connection, I purchased my first ever different dimension polish - today was a fairytale, and another polish which is secret because it's part of my friends Christmas present!

I fell in love with this polish as soon as I saw the bottle!!

Super duper pretty! I really have a thing for white, purple and silver polishes.. 

So I went ahead and applied 3 coats, a little bit of fishing was required for the large dot glitters I must admit, but other than that it applied lovely. I always use a dabbing motion with polish that contains a lot of glitters.

different dimension nail polish today was a fairytale indie varnish

different dimension today was a fairytale indie polish crelly

different dimension today was a fairytale indie polish crelly

It was £9.20 and postage was £3.20. Safe to say my first different dimension polish experience was lovely and I might possibly buy more by them in the future! :)



Daring Diva - Persephone

So today I tried out a Darling Diva polish and I am in love! Its so different to everything else i own! And Blurple is the perfect way to describe this polish. As you can see below, one way it looks purple and another way it look blue! Sometimes theres even some pink in there. I did have a little bit of a hard time applying this as it dried really quickly! But on the plus side of that, overall it didn't take long to dry!

I used Oil Slick Cabochons to jazz this manicure up, i purchased them from She sells Seashells for a very reasonable price of £1.15 for 10! They are reusable as well as long as you don't attack them with remover! I think they work well with this polish! They're 3mm x 3mm so they're not gigantic and they aren't annoying on the nail - sometimes if something is too big and sticks up i like to pick at it when i get anxious D:

As always i top coated these with HK girl by glisten and glow! :)



Barry M textured polish! AKA snow.

So a few days ago I ordered this textured barry m polish from superdrug, the only reason I wanted it was because it reminded me of snow and I thought it could be used with some fun Christmas nail art! 

Barry M Textured polish white pearl lady

This is three coats! It applied really well and it dried fairly quickly. Its textured just enough but not too much that it's really scratchy! Actually really impressed by this polish, I've heard some horrible stories over the last few months about recently released barry m polishes and how they've applied/the consistency of them, so I was a bit hesitant in buying this but I'm glad i did and it's restored my faith in a brand I've used for years! :) 

You can buy this polish here.

Edit: I added snowflakes!

snowflake nail art barry m



Chubby Owl Polish - Blitzed Unicornz

Is it bad to write a blogpost on one of your own polishes?

Oh well ;)

This is one of my personal faves from my own line of polishes - Chubby Owl Polish. 

It's a white jelly with fine gold glitter and purple, green and blue matte pastel hexagons, even though this polish is white, the pastel glitters and the fact it's a jelly polish, make this one quite a subtle white polish! 

I applied the first coat, let it dry for a few minutes and then applied the second, I haven't ever used this as a selling point but my polishes do actually dry very fast! I find this handy as I paint my nails late at night then go to bed hah! I topped them with HK girl top coat by glisten and glow. 

Blitzed Unicornz Chubby owl polish

I love this polish so much, pastel colours have become a favourite of mine over summer and even though we're heading into winter I still love it and I think I'll be wearing it quite often... It's already been on for two days! 

You can purchase this polish here.

That's all for now!


Glow in the dark nail art!

Last night I made an impulse decision to do this design on my nails! Base polish is from my own line - chubby owl polish in Marshmallow magic, a creme glow in the dark polish with blue hex, fuschia hex and holo hex glitters all in a very pale pink base. I didn't top coat as I wasn't sure if I liked it enough to keep it on for long and my top coat is precious! (lol)

And as they glow.. Here's a glow in the dark shot 

And here's pics without the nail art! 

You can purchase this polish here.

That's all for now 



So I'm not usually bothered about Halloween but I think the Americans excitement over it has rubbed off onto me *cough cough* elana *cough cough* and so I couldn't resist doing a few Halloween manis! 

I used a polish by ggcouture called 'cwtch' and I believe it was a custom one that my friend Jess' (yep she's welsh!) had made for us! It's dragon blood scented as well and it smells amazing! I could smell it straight away without even having to get really close to my nails! (The second picture was taken before I'd cleaned up and it was the only picture I took before I removed them so please forgive the messiness!) the black is just acrylic paint. 

Next up we have these:

I used black out by Rimmel and OPI - diva of Geneva for the gradient nails, I then added webs with white acrylic. The Dracula nail is NYC pinstripe white and black acrylic and the pumpkin is an orange by Leighton Denny that I cannot remember the name of (and it's downstairs and I'm upstairs!) all top coated with HK girl topcoat! 

Gradient nails before I jazzed it up and added the Halloween nail art! Black is an absolute bitch to clean up, i even scrubbed my nails with the cute little froggy nail brush elana gave me but it still didn't want to budge!

That's all for now folks! My cuticles are going to have a nice little pamper sesh now... 



So many indies, not enough nails...

So on the 22nd October I had a birthday package arrive from my dear from Jess! Inside were 3 new indies!

Two from indie makers i'd never tried! UK based indie maker Tara Talons and one from ggcouture! And the third is by Disturbed potions called wet spot (Major lemming!)

The day after my birthday I had the polishes I'd ordered from Disturbed potions turn up :) Talk about a late birthday treat haha! (Also the hair chalks arrived as well :')) 

I ordered Sweet twat, Amazeballs and Rubbed raw! I ordered these just before their progressive sale started so the lovely Annette included a hello kitty soap, raw raw Shea butter sample and a mini called love potion 69! How lovely is that?! 

The soap smells lovely and I've been using the raw raw Shea butter on my cuticles and it's extremely moisturising! Love love love it. 

I can't wait to test out all my new pretties!! I also got some non indies so here's a picture of them all together: 

I have to say I had a lovely birthday even though everything didn't go quite to plan..


Starrily - Lava Lamp/Unicorn Chronicles

Starrily Unicorn Chronicles Lava Lamp Nail Polish Varnish Thermal

I ordered two lovely polishes from Starrily a few months ago and had them sent to my amazing friend Elana who lives in the states. She then sent them in the birthday package she put together for me which arrived the day before, yes the day before my birthday! Epic timing right there.

I got so many new indies for my birthday I honestly didn't know where to start but I figured I would use these two first, I'm not sure why, it just happened hahaha. 

Lava lamp is a thermal polish, it's not the first thermal I've used though, I once bought one from the born pretty store and I wasn't pleased with it at all as it was very watery and didn't want to apply like a normal polish so I gave up and threw it away! But Lava lamp is a million times better and I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

I applied the first coat and it changed colour instantly to a pretty fuschia on my nail bed and towards the end of the nail it was a deep purple. 

I let it dry and applied a second coat, it dried to a matte finish. I then went ahead and added their unicorn chronicles glitter topper over the top! I'd been eyeing up this polish on their website for months and months! And now it's here on my nails I love it so much. One coat was enough as well and there was no fishing for any of the glitter and I didn't even have to use the dabbing motion to apply the glitter.

Going to blog about all the indies I got for my birthday and the ones that I purchased, which arrived the day after, later this week! :)